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Sabaat Episode-7 Review: Hassan’s daddy plays his cards very smartly and insults Anaya’s parents

Miraal's father is just like Miraal

Sabaat Episode-7 ReviewIn this episode Hassan's daddy plays his cards very smartly and insults Anaya's parents - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sabaat the drama serial airing at HUM TV has currently become our favorite but this particular episode is not so impressive in terms of dialogues and execution at some places. However, the episode is full of power-packed Performances be it Sara Khan or Mawra Hussain both have given amazing performances and the newcomer Ameer Gilani is impressive too.

Well, the best thing we are enjoying in this play is Anaya and Hassan’s cute and adorable chemistry. The way Hassan is like the knight in the shining armor for Anaya and the way he with the help of his friend saves Anaya’s friend from that loafer guy’s blackmailing is already won Anaya’s heart. She has fallen in love with Hassan, from head to toe. Hassan, on the other hand, cannot wait to marry her, and Anaya finally gives him the green signal.

Well, even the finest plays with a few execution flaws. What I have noticed is the raid scene where both Anaya and Hassan go along with the authorities, the scene seems to be a bit weird and overly done. Then Anaya is burning off the phone well it is again not making any,  why did she burn the phone? it can be damaged in so many other ways why adding pollution to the environment? not well executed then the dialogues here seems poorly written. The way a headstrong girl tells Hassan that, ‘yes Hassan you can marry whenever you want’, sounds very weird. She could have agreed in some other way.

Miraal is literally facing some serious issues, there is a turmoil going inside her. The scene where she spots a silver hair is so well executed and it is depicting her insecurities. In this episode we have seen more shades of Miraal. She can be evil to the extend of killing someone. Yes she openly and seriously shares her desire to kill Anaya and she is asking his fiance’s help in finding a hitman!

Miraal’s father is just like her, cruel, proud, and blunt. He is smart enough not to openly reject Hassan’s demand for taking his proposal for Anaya but he plays his cards very smartly. The way he looks down at Anaya’s house and her family is very mean and proud, he literally insults Anaya’s parents and tries to vilify her character by saying that she has trapped his son and now he has no choice but to make Anaya his daughter in law against his wishes. Poor Anaya’s father has no choice but to show them the way out of the door. Hassan’s mother is a very sensible lady she tries to apologize but Hassan’s father has already created a lot of mess. The scene is well executed but there is no newness in that we have already seen so much similar situations in many plays. Hassan’s father very smartly puts the whole blame on poor Anaya’s family that they have insulted them and throw them out of their house. Will Hassan now back off after hearing about his parent’s insult?

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