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Sabaat Second Last Episode Review: An underwhelming experience

Sabaat our most favorite Prime Time Watch is about to conclude, this episode happens to be its second last episode and from that point of view, it seems pretty underwhelming. Miraal is still stuck in the same situation. Anaya has rejoined her office but this time it seems that she is going to have hard luck as her good boss has been replaced by Yasir Quereshi. Performances are great, particularly Mawra Hocane aced her act.

This episode as from the second last episode seems underwhelming because matters are not yet even close to be solved. There is a major time lapse error which is an execution flaw, Mawra Hocane with her baby boy is contemplating on rejoining office and the possible hurdles she going to face with her baby. Her mother assures her that she will take good care of him but still, we have seen that she has not to join till his birthday. Well, the child seems too young for an year-old and secondly, if a year has passed then it means that around two years have passed since Anaya left Hassan. However, on the other side, Miraal is still stuck in her case.

Hassan seems to stuck in the same depressing phase for almost two years, it is a bit long time for anyone to stay in that mood. He has not yet for once tried to contact Anaya. He still meets Atif but not for once he has felt suspicious about his intentions, he always says ill about Anaya, he always insists Hassan to divorce her. Has he never wondered that why he has so much interest in him divorcing Anaya? He although he gets irritated when Atif mentions about Anaya. Hassan is of the view that he will not divorce Anaya until she will ask for it.

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Yasir Qureshi is somehow been portrayed as larger than life, he seems a good for nothing person with average mind but he is shown that he is taking over the construction industry, it is shown that Yasir Quereshi replaces Anaya’s good old boss before Anaya rejoins the office. Well Anaya rejoins the office after almost two years is it possible for a new employee to take such a long leave? It seems that Yasir Qureshi is going to give her a hard time.

Miraal is still stuck in the case and then we see the reason behind it, Miraal’s mother is requesting the lawyer to deliberately drag the case so that there can be a possibility for Miraal and Haris for a patch up. Miraal gets to know about her mother’s plan she snubs her lawyer and threatens him that she will cancel his license. Yasir Qureshi takes Anaya to a conference in Karachi and then there is a creepy scene when Yasir Qureshi knocks Anaya’s door and she let him come in. Yasir talks about Hassan and says that he is sorry for what he has done with her. Later he handover a promotion letter to her. Anaya is shocked by Yasir Qureshi’s behavior. Well, one wonders how will this all conclude in just one episode.

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