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Sang e Mah Episode-10 Review: Zarghona frees Mastaan Singh!

Zarghona is letting go of all her grudges

Sang e Mah Episode-10 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-10 Review | OyeYeah Drama Review

Sang e Mah the Hum TV play is an intriguing one with mysterious characters about whom you are inquisitive to find details. Performances are also brilliant so is the script and dialogues. In the previous episode, we have seen how Hilmand gets to know that Haaji Marjaan is his father’s murderer. In this episode, Zarghona letting go of all her grudges and grievances frees Mastan Singh.

Zarghona goes to some sort of shrine where she meets a saint baba Shah jee who is unlike a dervish seems common man whitewashing the doors. Zarghona is giving him too much reverence. He suggests Zarghona let go of all her past grudges and clean her heart for the sake of her children. Zarghona takes that advice quite seriously.

Mastaan Singh’s Chacha and Chachi come to Zarghona’s place to beg her to give Mastaan permission to marry Harshali. They say that she will be her slave too and she will also going to help her with the household chores. Zarghona surprises them and Gulmeena by freeing Mastaan Singh! She says that from now onward Mastaan is a free man. Well, we have missed Mastaan Singh and Sheharzade’s presence in this episode. Is Mastaan Singh going to leave to take care of Zarghona and Gulmeena?

Zarghona then goes to meet her elder sister Zarsanga. Zarsanga gets nervous on her arrival, she is fearing to face her but the scene where both the sisters meet is so heart touching. They left behind all the grudges and grievances and embrace each other. Then Zarghona further surprises her sister by telling her that she is agreed to Gulmeena and Hikmat’s wedding. Why Zarsanga seems upset on hearing this? maybe because she thinks Hilmand may like Gulmeena and this wedding may cause a rift between the brothers. However, Zarsanga has already agreed to follow whatever Zarghona will ask her so she cannot back off.

Hilmand’s monologue on his father’s grave is similar to Hamlet’s famous ‘to be or not to be’ soliloquy where he is admitting that he has wronged himself but now he is not in a position to correct himself nor he can back off nor he can part of it. He expresses his desire to die which he considers to be haraam. Hilmand’s madness and his avoidance to face Hikmat are not making any sense. He even tried to kill his own brother why? He loves his brother to bits then why he is trying to kill him but he cannot make himself kill him. What will be his reaction when he will hear about Zarghona fixing Gulmeena and Hikmat’s wedding?

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