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Sang E Mah Episode-13 Review: Hilmand survives, his condition is out of danger

Is Badam Gul and Gulmeena trying to save Mastaan Singh?

Sang E Mah Episode-13 Review Sang E Mah Episode-13 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sang e Mah the classy drama serial airing on Hum TV has grabbed our attention by making it one of our favorite Prime Time Weekend Watch. Performances are on spot. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mastaan Singh attacks Hilmand to take revenge on Gulmeena’s Gaagh as he considers her his daughter and he has done that to save her honor. In this episode, we come to know that Hilmand survives that attack.

Hilmand is taken to the hospital immediately by Sheharzade and Haaji. Sheharzade’s lady boss is the kind of boss every girl should have, she is been so kind to Sheharzade she comforts her and also helps her in getting Hilmand’s treatment as soon as possible by taking all the matters into her hands. It is she who manages not to make it a police case.

Hilmand’s friends have also invaded the hospital and they are demanding to see their friend otherwise they will not leave. Sheharzade is there taking care of Hilmand. Hilmand survives that attack, his condition is out of danger but the doctor has instructed strict precautions for him which include no water intake and no sitting or standing movements.

Mastaan Singh has confessed his sin in front of Gulmeena and Badaam Gul. He has tried to Kill Hilmand for honor once again risking his own life. He considered Gulmeena as his daughter and for him, his daughter’s honor matters to him more than his own life. Gulmeena has not told her mother everything nor Badaam Gul in fact he goes to the crime location and there he finds Mastaan Singh’s bangle which he wants to hide but then Mastaan Singh reaches there and procures his bangle from Badaam Gul. The expressions Badam Gul gives while handing him his bangle speak loud that he is not happy with Mastaan Singh.

Hilmand gains consciousness and there he muttered in his semi-consciousness state in presence of Sheharzade that Haaji killed his father. Sheharzade hears that but she ignores it she should have gotten more shocked than shown in the scene. Sheharzade presence there in the hospital looks a bit odd according to their culture nor does Haaji object to her presence in the hospital. Hilmand when gains consciousness is back to his track, all set to face Haaji. Hilmand thinks that it is Haaji who has attempted to kill him now posing to be caring so that he will become grateful to Haaji. Everyone in the village thinks Hikmat has tried to kill his own brother. Jirga’s gossip mongers are all set to have Jirga on this matter. Will Mastaan Singh be able to get away from this?

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