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Sang e Mah Episode-14 Review: Sheharzade’s haunting past is standing in front of her!

Sang e Mah the HUM TV’s drama serial is 14 episodes down, the stories and characters are still intriguing but the mystery has almost unraveled, now we are fully aware that why a character is behaving like that as we know each and every character’s back story. This episode is more focused on Sheharzade and how her haunting past is once again standing in front of her. In the previous episode, we have seen that Hilmand survives that attack, and his life is out of danger.

The episode begins with Hilmand’s soliloquy in which he is expressing his helplessness over his injury and he says that he has to live and lie helplessly with his enemies. He is not alone in the room Awal Khan is there and he has been fed up with Hilmand’s poetic monologue. Then the scene where Hilmand is questioning Sheharzade that why she is taking care of him is so deep.

Sheharzade’s world turns upside down when her haunting past is standing right in front of her in form of the doctor who saved Hilmand’s life. The doctor is the same cousin who sexually assaulted her in the past and the most disturbing part is that Sheharzade is still in a very vulnerable state. Although Sheharzade slaps him hard she is still stuck in quite a helpless situation.

Sheharzade’s kind lady boss tries to help her out in this difficult situation but her husband turns out to be a huge disappointment. He does not just side with the doctor saying that he has given him a huge favor by treating Hilmand on time and he helped them in avoiding making a police case. He not just uttered that but said means things about Sheharzade questioning her character. Well, it makes us question her lady boss’s choice why she married such a misogynist person?

The scene in the elevator where that doctor pushes himself in and threatens Sheharzade has given us goosebumps too. If Sheharzade tries to teach him a lesson he will put Hilmand’s life in danger. However, she has told her boss that she will rip him apart. Is she going to take her revenge? Sabz Ali tries to put Haaji and Hilmand in trouble by calling the police but ends up getting himself in trouble anyways he is cute. The scene where Zarghona is imparting the news of Hilmand’s attack is so artistically done but Zarghona has given her wrong information she told her that Hikmat tries to kill Hilmand. Everyone in the village thinks that Hikmat is behind that attack. Even Haaji thinks that Hilmand is guilty just like he has lifelong guilt of killing Hilmand’s father.

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