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Sang e Mah Episode-16 Review: Guilt is eating up Haaji

Hum TV’s drama serial Sang e Mah is one intense serial with intriguing characters you simply get hooked with. The story and the characters make you anxious to know more about those characters. Performances are incredible. In the previous episode, we have seen Hilmand sliding his moonstone (Sang E Mah) studded ring into Sheharzade’s finger. In the latest episode, we see more of Haaji and it makes us wonder that has he really killed Hilmand’s father.

We see Haaji standing in a lone mosque of Lesperaan. By the way, that mosque is very scenic and its Imam is that same saint of Lesperaan who Zarghona and Hilmand quite reverently follow. We hear Haaji reciting Azhaan and it makes us wonder has he really killed someone and if yes still he has the audacity to face ALLAH and call people to His house.

There are numerous layers in the personality of Haaji, he is not a cold-blooded murderer but the one who commits that sin out of love. Love for his beloved wife Zarsanga. Love does not necessarily takes one on the right path. The way he first negates the allegations by Hilmand that Molvi Sahab shares with him then he ends up crying. It is guilt which is eating him up and then the scene when Molvi Sahab asks him to offer prayer he prays while shedding tears.

Little does Haaji know that it is not just repentance, he also has to pay the penance of committing such a huge sin. He has to face his punishment, he cannot hide or avoid this situation. Hilmand meets Awaal Khan and there he comes to know about Sheharzade shifting into the nurse’s house. Awaal khan shares his reservations with Haaji. Zarsanga along with Haaji pays a visit to Hilmand at Martha’s place.

Haaji’s recollections of his past about a father who saved his life as a young boy sheds a good light on the interfaith harmony. Hilmand is talking fine with Sherzade but when Zarsanga comes to see him he remains unconscious has he really under the dose-effect or he is pretending this to avoid his mother. Well Sheharzade’s expressions and her saying reluctantly that he will be in sleep for 10 to 12 hours says that she is also helping Hilmand so that he can avoid facing his mother. Haaji asks Sheharzade about the doctor and what happened with her there. It seems like Sheharzade has told everything to Haaji. It looks like Haaji’s Pakhtoon ghairat is going to make him commit another sin. Zarsanga tells Sheharzade to take care of Hilmand and she also recognizes the moonstone studded Hilmand’s ring in her hand.

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