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Sang e Mah Episode-19 Review: Hilmand is doubting Sheherazade

Hilmand calls Jirga against Hikmat

Sang e Mah Episode-19 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-19 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV’s Sang e Mah is one intriguing play for which we wait for the whole week. Unlike the previous episode which seems merely a deviation from the main plot. This episode is quite happening one where we see Hilmand having reservations with Sheharzade thinking that she has betrayed him and on the other hand he calls a jirga against Hikmat. In short, this episode is a strong one not a filler like the previous one.

Well as we know that Hilmand is back in Lesperaan. One wonders how come Hilmand makes all the way from the city to his village with such severe wounds but anyway we give that much creative license. We were guessing right the main reason Hilmand’s fleeing from Martha’s house is because he thinks she has betrayed him by sharing her secret with Haaji.

One more confusion is solved in this episode seems how come Saabz Ali has made his way back. Saabz Ali is after all Saabz Ali he is another comic relief the mischievous Saabz Ali shares a fabricated account of his prison in the lockup. Well, no one believes him as everyone is fully aware of his nature. Sheherazade goes to meet Hilmand but he has not welcomed her.

Doubts and differences arise between Sheharzade and Hilmand. Hilmand is doubting Sheharzade he thinks that she has betrayed him by sharing her secrets with Haaji. He says that he thinks that he is her only secret sharer but he is wrong. Sheherazade tries to clear her side. Hilmand is not going slow he has called all gossip mongers of his village the so-called nobleman and he asks them to call a jirga against his own brother Hikmat. Will this going to lead more differences or is Hikmat going to swear upon the Holy Book once again to validate himself from this accusation?

Hikmat is also not been cordial with Gulmeena, one wonders why? Then there is another scene of Haaji and Zarsanga which is quite deep,  where Zarsanga prophecies that her death is intertwined with her husband’s death. This dialogue may be a foreboding that they both going to die but Haaji has cleared that by saying that this jirga might call towards his end but he has to live for her children. It seems that Zarsanga knows everything and she is a partner in crime with Haaji as she says that she will prefer to defend her Khan over her disobedient sons. All themes are going well with that Hamlet. Hamlet’s mother had also sided with her husband and Hamlet also has trusting issues with Ophelia.

Interesting build-up!


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