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Sang e Mah Episode-20 Review: Haaji confesses his sin in front of Hilmand

This episode in particular belongs to Nauman Ijaz

Sang e Mah Episode-20 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-20 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sang e Mah the Hum TV drama serial is one of the most engaging primetime watches featuring brilliant performances. This episode in particular belongs to Nauman Ijaz, his portrayal as Haaji Marjaan is just incredible. In the previous episode, we have seen Hilmand doubting Sheherazade. In this latest episode, Haaji faces Hilmand and confesses to him the sin he had committed by killing his father.

Hilmand clearly knows that Hikmat has not attempted to kill him but still he calls Jirga for this matter the purpose behind is just to punish Haaji. Hilmand knows that it is Mastaan Singh who has tried to kill him. The way Hilmand discloses this secret to Mastaan Singh gave us goosebumps. Mastaan Singh is shown to be a weak person, this character has somehow disappointed us.

Hilmand has become blind in taking his revenge nor the love of his mother or Hikmat or any other thing that comes in his way of taking revenge. He tries to take advantage of Mastaan Singh’s weakness he asks him to tell in front of the whole Jirga that his late father has told him that Haaji has killed Hilmand’s father. He is blackmailing Mastaan for this fake statement otherwise he would make Bibi and Gulmeena his slave which is not making any sense at all, it sounds so vague and absurd.

This episode totally belongs to Haaji. Haaji asks Sheharzade about his affiliation with Hilmand? We really love this father and daughter duo. Sherhazade asks Haaji that he has never shared with him his whole story further she tells him that yes she likes Hilmand but Hilmand hates Haaji. Haaji assures Sheharzade that everything is going to be okay, he has certain misunderstandings with him but he will clear that. Haaji does not tell him that he has killed his father and then married his widowed mother.

Haaji goes to meet Hilmand, this scene is such a powerful one, both performances are at their best but it is Nauman Ijaz’s performance that has stolen the show. Haaji asks Hilmand to spare his mother and his brother and start a good life with Sheharzade and he can punish him the way he likes. He further suggests that he will go far away for preaching. He confesses his sin in front of him. Still, Haaji is avoiding facing proper punishment. Hilmand’s dream comes true he is over the moon he takes Haaji to his father’s grave and asks him to beg for his forgiveness. Now the ball is in Hilmand’s court and it seems he is in no mood to forgive his stepfather.

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