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Sang e Mah Episode-21 Review: What is Haaji Marjaan up to?

Hilmand has not forgiven Haaji Marjaan

Sang e Mah Episode-21 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-21 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Sang e Mah is 21 Episodes down, this intriguing tale and interesting characters are what keep us hooked to the screens. Hilmand and Haaji’s tussle has stretched a lot now it needs a conclusion. In the previous episode, Haaji confesses his sin in front of Hilmand. In this episode, we are told that Hilmand has not forgiven his father’s murderer.

Hilmand’s madness has blinded him to see any light and goodness. He is not ready to forgive his father’s murderer. Despite Haaji Marjaan’s confession and his begging him for forgiveness, Hilmand is firming stand on his aim of taking his father’s revenge. He sends Saabz Ali with a message to Haaji Marjaan.

Saabz Ali is an interesting character, a mischievous one, who is a coward but always makes tall claims. He conveys Hilmand’s message in a very funny way. Haaji is disappointed to know that Hilmand has not accepted his forgiveness well, to be honest, he used to curse Nasarullah on his grave when he used to be alone but now in front of Hilmand he begs for forgiveness on his demand. Haaji knows that his end is nigh, he so wanted Hilmand to forgive him without punishing him. He should know that repentance is not complete without penance.

This episode totally belongs to Haaji Marjaan. Nauman  Ijaz’s expressions are priceless, the tears in his eyes expressing how guilt has eaten him up. In the scene where Sheharzade questions Haaji Marjaan about that has he killed Hilmand’s father? He’s not telling her but then saying which affirms that question, his tears have said everything. That scene is such a powerful one. Sheherazade is also broken to know that her father has committed such a huge sin. Haaji Marjaan is all set to face his punishment he knows that his end is nigh.

Haaji Marjaan puts something in Zarsanga’s green tea making us wonder what he is up to? Has he poisoned her? Or he has just added sleeping pills into her green tea so that she cannot see what Haaji will be going to face in Jirga. Mastaan Singh has been pressurized by Hilmand to give a fake statement that his father has told him that Haaji has murdered Nasarullah. The scene where Zarsanga and Haaji are reviving their old memories of their first meeting is so sweet and heart-touching. Haaji’s love for Zargansa redeems him in some way after all what he has done is all in love for Zarsanga.

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