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Sang e Mah Episode-22 Review: Finally comes the Jirga day!

Mastaan Singh proves to be a man of honor

Sang E Mah Episode-22 ReviewSang E Mah Episode-22 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV Drama serial Sang e Mah is one classy serial with interesting storytelling and equally interesting characters. Performances are super brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen Haji Marjaan fearing for his end. In this episode, it seems that Haaji Marjaan is all set to face Hilmand and he is ready for his trial. Mastaan Singh once again proves himself to be a man of honor.

Haaji Marjaan has not poisoned Zarsanga he has just put Afeem in her green tea so that she will spend the rest of the jirga day sleeping unaware of what is going on with her husband. However, Zarsanga get to know about the Afeem dose in her tea and she instantly knows the reason why Haaji Marjaan has done that she splashes her face with water and is all set to go to Jirga to defend her husband.

It seems like the play is moving fast towards its conclusion as things are resolving. Haaji Marjaan has accepted his fate and he is all set to face Hilmand but before going to Jirga he goes to Zargona’s place to beg forgiveness for his past conduct. Awaal Khan also reveals his back story that he is being grateful to Zargona because he was impotent and Zargona always kept his reason for divorce hidden from the world respecting his secret by telling others that she left him because of domestic violence.

Finally, the Jirga day comes, Hilmand is on cloud nine, he has called Mastaan Singh as his witness and also calls the Shah of Lesperaan to give his verdict. During the Jirga, he tells everyone that Hikmat has not attacked him. He is his brother and he knows that he cannot do such a thing whoever has tried to kill him he forgives him for Allah’s sake. He then discloses that he has called this jirga for Haaji Marjaan.

Hilmand tells everyone that Haaji Marjaan has killed his father and then he asks Mastaan Singh to come as a witness and tell the world what his father has told him on his death bed. Mastaan Singh once again proves himself to be a man of honor. He was threatened by Hilmand to lie and tell a fake version of what his father had told him on his death bed but he does what he should do. He leaves his wedding in the middle and shows up at the Jirga just to tell the truth. He says that his father’s last words are to marry Hirshali and he also admits that he tried to kill Hilmand. Hilmand is extremely mad at Mastaan as he has spoiled all his planning. Shah of Lesperaan reminds Hilmand that he has already forgiven Mastaan for the sake of Allah. How will Hilmand go to prove this? Can’t he forgive Haaji Marjaan?


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