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Sang e Mah Episode-25 Review: Haaji Marjaan takes his son Hikmat in confidence

Sheharzade is going to raise her voice against Ghaag in Jirga

Sang e Mah Episode-25 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-25 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV’s classy drama serial Sang e Mah is 25 episodes down and it seems that the story is moving towards its conclusion. Performances by the ensemble cast are on point. In the previous episode, we have seen Hilmand’s grandfather making entry into the scene and he is on his separate revenge-seeking mission. In this episode, Hilmand’s grandfather MashaAllah Khan calls a jirga.

Haaji Marjaan has insulted MashaAllah Khan and his sons for their greedy intentions and has asked them to call for a Jirga if they really want to seek justice for his son. The gossip mongers, old men of Lesperaan are speculating that how they will serve justice in this case by then they get a message from MashaAllah Khan that he has called a jirga the next day.

In this episode, we have not seen a single scene of Zarsanga and Haaji Marjaan and we really missed it. Sheherazade is resolute that she will go to help in the Jirga by raising her voice against Ghaagh. Zarghoona also assures her sister that she will take care of Jirga and will fight for her sister but then Gulmeena also stands with Sheharzade and her mother to raise her voice against this social crime, she also gathers other girls which were victims of Ghaagh from a nearby village.

Gulmeena’s scene of meeting Mastaan Singh at his home and embracing him is so endearing. Gulmeena going to Hikmat’s room and stealing his picture and leaving a handkerchief for him engraved with his name is so cute followed by the scene where Hikmat finds that handkerchief and he smells it putting it all over his face is super cute. Hilmand is getting into a deep depression, it seems that he is losing his will to live. He is not ready to forgive Haaji Marjaan and his mother nor he is willing to fight for his father who has committed Ghaagh. He is heartbroken.

Finally arrives the Jirga day, the night before Jirga day Haaji Marjaan takes his son Hikmat into full confidence by telling him all the truth about him and his mother and telling him that he has only saved his mother and tried to protect her otherwise he has not done anything bad. Furthermore, he appoints Hikmat as his ambassador. On the Jirga day, Hikmat is shocked to see his Khala, Sheherazade, Gulmeena, and other girls arriving at the Jirga. Zarghona snubs the people at the Jirga by asking them that will they care to give space to their sisters in the Jirga? Interesting Buildup let’s see what going to happen in Jirga.

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