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Sang-e-Mah Episode-4 Review: Hilmand commits Ghagh at Gulmeena’s house

Sherzade and Hilmand's encounter is the highlight of this episode

Sang-e-Mah Episode-4 ReviewSang-e-Mah Episode-4 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sang-e-Mah the drama serial at Hum TV is one of its own kind in terms of its script and performances. This episode once again belong to Hilmand, Atif Aslam has his charisma and he has nailed this character with his acting prowess. In the previous episode Hilmand is finding ways how to take his father’s revenge. In this episode it seems that Hilmand has found a way finds as he commits Ghaagh at Gulmeena’s place.

Hilmand going at a Sikh household to a very old Sikh man and asking him to speak up making us even more curious to know the backstory. What Guru Baksh has do with Hilmand’s father’s murder and how will he going to help him in taking his father’s revenge? Haji Marjan gets shocked when he hears that Hilmand goes to meet Guru Baksh.

Sheharzad is on her way to Lesperian the village of 9 Peers and it is famous for its nine graves and the war they fight in collaboration with Sikhs. On her way to Lesperian Sheharzad way crosses with Hilmand, their encounter is the highlight of this episode. Their chemistry is evident right from the beginning. We can see Hilmand’s enamored expressions when he is looking at Sheharzad and it seems that those expressions has also affected her.

We are curious to know that what is the history between Sarsanga, Haji Marjaan and Zhorghona why she is insulting Haji and rejecting Hikmat’s proposal why? Haji Marjaan is hosting Sheharzade in her Hujra and he has instructed his munshi not to let her go out of the Hujra and don’t let her meet Hilmand as he does not want to become part of any news story. Hikmat is all set to Ghaagh Gulmeena but Hikmat’s mother locks him up in his room. Sarsanga severely hates Ghaagh and we feel that there is also a story behind it.

When Hikmat is locked up but still someone Ghaaghs at Gulmeena’s house. Initially we feels that it is Hikmat who manages to Ghaagh but we are surprised that it is Hilmand who has committed the Ghaagh. It seems that it is more of his way of taking revenge than a wish to marry Gulmeena. Well its making us wonder that how come Hilmand’s committing Ghaagh will going to affect Haaji Marjaan? Zarghona is after Hikmat she is all set to kill him but she is surprised to know that it is Hilmand who has committed Ghaagh not Hikmat. Mastaan Singh has also seen Hilmand and his expressions were also very powerful. Overall a very interesting watch and we are super curious to know the back stories of all these characters.

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