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Sang e Mah Episode-7 Review: This episode belongs to Mastaan Singh and his fiance

We also get to know about Sheharzade's past.

Sang e Mah Episode-7 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-7 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sang e Mah the drama serial airing at HUM TV is one classy serial in the running. Performances are top-notch but the best thing about this drama serial is its razor edge witty dialogues. In the previous episode, the backstory is unraveled by many main characters. In this episode, Mastaan Singh shares his back story with his fiance. We also get to know about Sheharzade’s past.

Gulmeena cries in front of Hikmat asking him why he is not confronting Hilmand on which he says that he cannot go against his brother. Gulmeena gets broken on hearing this she says that Hikmat and his love are dead for her. She says it metaphorically but Zarghona takes it literally and she gets worried, here we get to see Zarghona’s vulnerability.

Saabz Khan’s character is a real mischievous one, at one hand he is trying to fool Hilmand he thinks that he can fool him by making him believe that he is on his side but little Saabz Khan knows that Hilmand is fully aware of his nature and he has already warned him that if he tries to betray him he will be killed. Saabz khan on the other hand is invoking Badaam Gul that why Zarghona is silent over Hilmand’s Ghaagh.

This episode truly belongs to Omair Rana and his portrayal as Mastaan Singh we get to know more about him in this episode. He tells his fiance that he actually killed Asadullah for her and then he lied in the Jirga that he killed him because he insulted his religion again he has done that to save his fiance’s honor and name. His fiance Hirshali says that only she knows this truth and when he has sacrificed so much for her honor then why does he expects her to marry any other person.

In this episode, we get to know about Sheharzade’s past as well. Zarsanga shares with Sheharzade how Haaji cares for Hilmand as a father and loves him. Hilmand gets to know through Saabz Khan as a child. Haaji tells him that it is true but he loves him like his eldest son. Well, one wonders then how come Hilmand get to know about his father’s murder? Sheharzade also opens up about her past she tells Zarsanga that she is an orphan she lost her parents in a car accident and she is raised by her aunt and also that her cousins use to mistreat her. There is also a hint that one of her cousins tried to sexually assault her which is why she left the house and lives in a hostel.

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