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Sang e Mah Episode-8 Review: Hilmand touches Sheharzad’s soul

Badaam Gul unfolds story of him and Mastaan Singh

Sang e Mah Episode-8 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-8 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

HUM TV’s drama serial Sang E Mah is one classy play in the running with its Hamlet-inspired theme. Performances by the ensemble cast are all top-notch. In the previous episode, we have seen Mastaan Singh and Harshali’s backstory. In this episode, Hilmand and Sheharzad’s soul-touching encounter has shown.

In the previous episode, we got to know about Sheharzaad’s troubling past. Sheharzaad is going back to report to her office and on her way back she decides to meet Hilmand. Hilmand for the very first time sitting on his father’s grave is questioning his madness and prophesying it too. He is sitting on his father’s grave when Sheharzad comes and he instantly recognizes her.

Hilmand tells Sheharzad that she is blessed to be ignorant as ignorance is bliss and awareness from dark secrets leads to the doors of cold hell, this is such a soul-touching experience for Sheharzad when Hilmand utters those lines and gives her his shawl and wishes her all well. Sheharzad recalled those lines and then linking it with her dark secrets and her trauma of sexual assault. On his way back she faces workplace harassment by her new boss which she has responded with a befitting reply.

We get to see more vulnerability of Zarghona, behind her strict and strong person lies a grief ridden woman who has still not moved on with her husband’s death. We here get to know more back story about Zarghona’s grievances for Haaji Marjaan. Haaji Marjaan in his jirga was giving an unfair verdict against Zarghona giving Mastaan Singh a clean chit and he is doing that because he wants to please Guru Baksh not that he is doing anything just and fair. Zarghona is her sister in law but he is not supporting her is enough reason to hate him.

Gulmeena asks Badaam Gul why he does not hate Mastaan Singh the way her mother hates him. Badam Gul the actor’s performance is phenomenal here, he narrates the whole scene when Haaji had given a verdict against her mother. It is Mastaan Singh who has realized his burden of sin and he presented himself to Zarghona telling Jirga that he will accept whatever punishment she will give to him. Zarghona instead of killing him has given him a death sentence, gives her punishment of life imprisonment making him work as her slave. Badaam Gul asks Gulmeena that now tell him how can he hates such a good person?

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