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Sang e Mah Last Episode Review: A heart breaking end!

The end is hinting Sang e Mah's sequel

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Hum TV’s classic drama serial Sang e Mah finally comes to its conclusion The ending is happy one, on a good note but it’s heartbreaking too. One of the most endearing love stories of Zarsanga and Haaji Marjaan is also concluded. The writer Mustafa Afridi has not left any loose ends in the ending, every issue has been addressed so well.

The episode begins with the Jirga scene where Zargona, Gulmeena, and Sheharzade invades along with other victims of Ghaag demanding justice for themselves. Hilmand’s grandfather MashaAllah Khan tries to silence these women by saying that his case is more important and needs to be addressed first but Jirga members decide to listen to the ladies first.

MashaAllah Khan demands blood for blood and right at the moment Hilmand makes his jaw dropping entry into the Jirga. MashaAllah Khan provokes a Molana to give a decision in the light of Shariah on which Hilmand demands his true inheritance share. MashaAllah Khan becomes speechless he has no choice but to flee off the scene. The best scene is Hilmand and Gulmeena’s conversation. Gulmeena and Zargona both have forgiven Hilmand but Gulmeena demanded a permanent solution of this issue. Jirga promises that they will set a punishment for this criminal act.

The play is fashioned on Hamlet and Hilmand is giving us full time Hamlet vibes. Considering the Hamlet theme we were expecting Hilmand’s death but fortunately Hilmand’s track ends on a very positive and happy end. However there is death shown in the end but its not of Hilmand but of Haaji Marjaan and Zarsanga. Yes with this, ends one of the most endearing love story of Haaji Marjaan and Zarsanga they both die together poisoning themselves as a self impose punishment for killing Nasarullah. It is so refreshing to see adult romance and it is great to show such a soft image of Pakhtoon culture where a Pathan loves his wife so passionately.

It is such a heartbreaking scene to see Sheharzade and Hilmand coming back home to find Haaji Marjaan and Zarsanga dead, embracing each other. The last episode shows a time-lapse Hilmand is married and now he uses the title Haaji and one of his cousins has committed Ghaag somewhere. Hilmand has promised Gulmeena that he will fight to eradicate this crime of Ghaag in their region. So lets see it means it is a hint that we should get ready for its sequel. One of the most classy serial comes to an end. We will surely miss Haaji Marjaan and Hilmand. The best part is the play is that it is loosely fashioned on Hamlet, its wordplay, and Hilmand’s soliloquies and monologues will be remembered as one of the most memorable serials. Kudos to the entire cast and crew of Sang e Mah. Simply Classy!

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