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Saraab Ep-5 Review: Hooriya wants to break her engagement and marry Asfand

Saraab the drama serial running at HUM TV is a play based on mental health issues. The protagonist of the play Hooriya (Sonya Hussyn) is shown as a girl having advance stage schizophrenia and like most of the cases treated in our part of the world Hooriya’s mental condition is also mistaken as some supernatural or magic influence, instead of getting her a therapy from a psychiatrist she is taken to a Peer seeking help for her condition. Sonya Hassyn ‘s performance is outshining everyone else, Sami Khan has also done an impressive job.

The fake Peer Baba applied the same formula on Hooriya’s mother what he used on his other visitors, he has pointed the typical cause that Hooriya is under the spell of magic and also some woman in her family has done this magic on her including with her son because she wants to make Hooriya her daughter in law. Hooriya is literally laughing at Peer’s diagnosis.

Hooriya’s hallucinations are still occupying her, she even sees some girls at Peer’s Astana which is all her imagination. She sees Asfand in her room asking her why she has said yes to her engagement on which she says that she has done that because he has asked her to do on which he says that he is going to break this engagement and he will eventually going to marry her. However, her imagination is interrupted when Asfand really comes into her room in an angry mood asking her why she has said yes to that proposal when she says that she has done that because he has asked her to do that. Asfand becomes confused he says that he never said this and on that Hooriya starts getting upset.

Hooriya’s sister Namal eavesdrops all the conversation going between Hooriya and Asfand where Asfand is professing his love for her and he also discusses his plan to marry her soon on which Namal intervenes and warns them that if she hears anything like this again she is going to call her father. She even slaps hard on Hooriya’s face when she tells her that she will break her engagement and will marry Asfand.

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Hooriya’s mother goes to Asfand’s mother’s house and insults her is such a bad taste. She is shown in such a bad light, a woman who is so void of compassion. The ending scene is quite powerful when Hooriya calls Asfand and tells him that he should bring his parents as soon as possible as she cannot wait to marry him, Hooriya’s father overhears all this conversation and when Hooriya boldly expresses her desire to marry Asfand and breaking her engagement with Sufyan on which she gets a tight slap from her father.

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