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Saraab Episode-8 Review: Asfand takes Hooriya to a psychiatrist

HUM TV’s drama serial Saraab is based on mental health awareness, the protagonist of the play Hooriya is shown as an advance stage schizophrenic patient whose own family is very ignorant and not supportive. Her mental illness is often mistaken as the influence of magic and instead of getting her treated her family takes her to Peer and Dargah only Hooriya’s cousin Asfand knows her problem and he is trying to help her out. Sonya Hassyn’s performance is outstanding in this episode.

There is one creepy scene on the highway where Hooriya and Asfand have a little argument. Hooriya is insisting that it is he who always live with her and talks with her and she even points in the alone direction that she sees another him is standing there. Asfand is really creeped out at Hooriya’s confession but he is now deadly sure that Hooriya must be having some serious mental issue.

It is only Asfand who understands Hooriya’s problem and he really wants to help her out unlike her own family who do not even consider that Hooriya might be having any mental issue. Despite Hooriya insisting to go back home, he takes her to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist tells Asfand that she is suffering from advanced stage schizophrenia and her house environment is not at all suitable for her. She further suggests getting her admitted to the hospital.

Hooriya is not ready to accept that she has any kind of mental illness. She denies whatever Asfand tells her. She insists that she wants to go back home. Asfand takes her back home but there her creepy weird sisters shout the hell out of their lungs and starts cursing her. On the other hand Hooriya’s father starts beating Asfand without even given him a chance to tell him his side of the story. Asfand also face fierce treatment by his own father.

Asfand tells his mother that he has taken Hooriya to a psychiatrist for treatment and she has also prescribed her some medicines which he wants to give to her family but there no one is ready to listen to him. Asfand’s mother says that she will go and try to tell her brother about Hooriya’s condition. On the other hand, Hooriya’s father is resolute that he will never marry her off to Asfand no matter what happens. Hooriya’s sisters are too pathetic and loud, they are continuously cursing Hooriya and they have locked her up in a room. Well, it is true that family environment and their behavior is responsible for worsening mental illness condition and here in Hooriya’s case, there seems no hope.

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