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Shahrukh Ki Saaliyaan – Episode 15 Review: Who will Nigaar marry?

In present times, we seldom get a chance to see good binge-worthy comedies on TV, and Shahrukh Ki Saaliyaan is one such good quality comedy offering good punch lines with an interesting storyline, written by none other than Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt. Besides that, we are loving Ramsha Khan and Ahsan Khan’s amazing on-screen chemistry. Halwaldaar’s character is another most interesting part of Shahrukh ki Saaliyaan.

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This episode revolves around Nigaar’s Nikkah and there is a series of events creating comic situations that are extremely cringe-worthy. Be it hilarious Nikkah Khuwaan’s or Nigaar’s confusion of whom to marry, this episode provides fun-filled moments to the viewers. The performances of all the characters are spot on.

Shahrukh and Anoushay are trying hard to convince Usman to marry Nigaar, but he is reluctant and has almost refused. Abubakar, on the other hand, arrives as a bridegroom and Nigaar as a bride is ready for her Nikaah but then there is a sequence of comic events which starts to unfold. The first Nikaah khuwaan, though it sounds so weird to say, his character is a bit overdone, he mistakenly, thinks of himself as a groom and is looking forward for his own Nikaah!


The second Nikkah Khuwaan’s character is performed by the legendary Qavi Kha, who depicts it perfectly, a molvi who has so much work on his plate and has hardly had any free time, that’s why he is charging heavily for his precious time. Well, finally the Nikkah Khuwaan gets free from his continuous incoming calls, and he is ready to perform Nikkah,  Usman makes his entry out of nowhere and surprises everyone. He claims that he is Nigaar’s first love so he is the most deserving suitor for her and now confusion for Poor Nigaar begins, that now she has to decide who she should Marry?


The funniest part of the play is when Nigaar thinks that plucking flower petals can provide that answer to her problem only, so she starts picking rose petals one after and other, calling AbuBakar and Usman’s name.  But that does not help either. In the meantime Nikkah Khuwaan leaves as he is getting so many calls and offers for Nikkah and funerals. Eventually,  Nigaar has been called again and was asked to name the one she wants to marry, so after hesitating a bit she chooses Usman over AbuBakar.


Poor Abdullah leaves the place with a broken heart but Nigaar is happy that she will finally marry her love of life. Now comes the third Nikkah Khuwaan who is hopelessly deaf and could not understand a single word. Well somehow he manages to start the Nikaah but at the exact time Usman’s phone rings and he receives the call and starts shouting jubilantly that he is going to become a father on which Nigaar gets mad that he is cheating her and she throws him out! while Glucose shows her interest in Mickey.

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