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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode 18 Review: Mickey is not ready to accept Glucose

Anoushe and Shahrukh are desperate to marry off their sisters


ShahRukh ki Saliyan the quality comedy penned down by the Veteran comedy writer Muhammad Younis Butt, on aired its another Episode. This episode also revolved around Mickey’s marriage. Mickey is not at all ready to accept Glucose at any cost, nor she is happy to marry MD but Anoushe and Shahrukh are so desperate to marry off Mickey as soon as possible that they are trying to convince Mickey for Glucose but then when she says she is not going to marry anyone they start convincing her for MD.

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The episode begins when Glucose finally gathers some courage and while faking his blindness, he starts confessing his love for Mickey and also that he has gathered some courage to talk with Hawaldaar Saab for Mickey’s hand on which Hawaldaar Saab rejects him and points a gun towards him, seeing the gun Glucose gets panicked and this reveals his fake blindness to Mickey on which she is not ready to forgive him.


Shahrukh and Anoushe is so desperate to marry off the sisters as soon as possible that they starts convincing Glucose that what if Mickey is not saying yes, you should marry Katie. Its a pretty comic scene, when Shahrukh and Anoushe are trying to convince Mickey not to marry MD and to think about Glucose, she says that she is not going to marry at all on which the desperate couple starts convincing her again for MD!


The best part of the episode we liked is Anoushe’s boss, Azfar Jafri has very brilliantly performed his role as a middle-aged bachelor who has a crush on Nigaar. We really love the office scene where he schools his office girl all the time. Kattie replies Nigaar’s FB messages to Anoushe’s boss and he asks her to take her out for dinner on which Kattie says yes and later she along with Mickey,  also goes with Nigaar to meet the BOL (Budda online)


The pressure on Shahrukh and Anoushe is getting stronger as Shahrukh parents want them to get married as soon as possible but in order to get married, they have to marry off the sisters first. Nigaar also starts liking Anoushe’s boss, she thinks that he is intelligent and decent but she never likes him in that specific way, in fact, she calls him uncle too.

However when he again asks her to dine out with him, she comes alone and seems very comfortable with him. She asks the same old question that for whom proposal he came at their house and in his imagination, he imagines professing his love for her but in return, he gets a burning iron on his face, well its all imagination!

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