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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode-27 Review: Abdullah gets back into the scene

Sir Abbas is terminating Anoushe and Sharukh!

ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode-27 ReviewIn this episode Abdullah gets back into the scene - OyeYeah

Shahrukh Ki Saliyan an amazing comedy serial in the running, and we guess it’s the only comedy serial with quality comedy, having witty lines and interesting character, penned down by veteran humor writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt. In this episode, Halwaldar Sahab asks forgiveness from Glucose’s mother and Abdullah is back into the scene.

The episode begins when Hawaldaar Sahab asks for forgiveness from Glucose’s mother for leaving her at her wedding night. He says that he has four daughters and their marriage does not happen and they say that it is because of her curse on which Glucose’s mother says that she has never cursed his daughters ever, she prays that all of his daughters happily get married soon. Hawaldaar Sahab leaves happily but Glucose’s mother is lost, she feels embarrassed to leave Mickey like that on her wedding day.


Mustaan’s sister is insisting on him to tell Nigaar the truth about himself. He imagines revealing his reality to Nigaar on which Nigaar and other girls get mad and start cursing him. He visits Nigaar’s house and meets Shahrukh and Anoushe. The hilarious scene is when they both were making fun of Abbas sir and when Mustaan tells them that he is his uncle they take a 360-degree turn and start praising him. Abdullah makes his entry back into the scene and it seems that he has a chance too. Mustaan gets jealous to see Abdullah.


Katie is still after Dildaar, but Dildaar’s mother is very strict and she is continuously keeping an eye on Dildaar, she also started sitting at the shop so that Dildaar could not meet Katie. Katie calls Dildaar and asks him to meet her in a hotel, he tells his customer that all his stuff is 2 number she should buy all the stuff from the other shop and leaves the shop. Dildaar’s mother gets alert and she follows Dildaar to the hotel where Katie is asking Dildaar to make her eat the food with his own hands. She interrupts and stuffed the food furiously in Katie’s mouth. Later she tells Dildaar that he is fixing his engagement with Pinky.


Sir Abbas watch news on his channel where inappropriate language is being used, he gets furious but it seems like he is doing that on purpose, he demands Komal to issue termination letters for the whole team. The hilarious scene is when Komal tries to save Shahrukh and then Shahrukh too tries to butter Komal by being little flirtatious so she can talk with boss to take back his termination decision.

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