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Shahrukh Ki Saliyan Episode-29 Review: Anoushe and Shahrukh’s wedding seems impossible

Sir Abbas is pressurizing Anoushe and Shahrukh to convince Nigaar to marry Mustaan

Shahrukh Ki Saliyan Episode-29 ReviewIn this episode Anoushe and Shahrukh's wedding seems impossible - OyeYeah News

Shahrukh Ki Saliyan, the comedy serial is a laughing roller coaster ride, written by the veteran humor writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt. The comedy drama serial is one of the few quality comedies in the running with super hilarious characters and funny punch lines and one liners. We await for the whole week for a new episode of the series. It seems that Anoushe and Shahrukh’s wedding is nearly impossible as marrying off Saaliyaan is getting more and more complex.

The episode begins when Sir Abbas is kind of bribing Shahrukh and Anoushe by promoting both of them and telling them to convince Nigaar to marry Mustaan. The hilarious part is that when Sir Abbas mistakenly refers to Mustaan as himself. Shahrukh and Anoushe are very excited and happy to know about their promotion but they get worried when they hear that Nigaar is saying no to Mustaan. The funny part is when they both trying to convince Nigaar for Mustaan but they say Abdullah when they see him coming in the room and then they name Mustaan when he goes out of the room.


Katie is still after Dildaar, she goes to his Fabric shop but Dildaar is not going to see her as he is angry with her for lying with him about her legs. Katie creates a huge drama again saying that she has not broken her legs just for him because he will face difficulty with a crippled girl but if he wants her legs broken she has brought with her goons who will be going to break her legs, Dildaar stops them and says that he loves her and will marry her.


Anoushe and Shahrukh call MD and tell him that Mickey is asking for him. He gets so excited and starts dancing in the kitchen, MD’s dancing moves are super hilarious. MD takes Mickey for Lunch but he is really a dumb person when Mickey says that she wants to sit on that table he brings that table near them and literally put Mickey on the table she is literally sitting on the table. Mickey gets so annoyed by this stupid act, but she leaves the place when she comes to know that MD is planning to propose her. The way MD plans to bring the ring to her into the firni and how his plan gets ruined is so funny.


Anoushe and Shahrukh feel that their wedding is nearly impossible. Shahrukh’s Taya and Phuhpo want him to marry their daughters and they are fighting for that. Shahrukh feels so pressurized that he gets scared imagining his uncle and aunty forcing him to marry their daughters at gunpoint and Anoushe also pointing a gun at him. Anoushe and Shahrukh visit Mustaan but there they meet Khatoon Baji and she is trying to reveal Abbas’s reality to them.

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