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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode 16 Review: Glucose is in love with Mickey!

Shahrukh Ki Saliyan is one such good quality comedy offering good punch lines with an interesting storyline written by none other than Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt, who never cease to impress us with his great sense of humour. Ahsan Khan and Ramsha Khan duo is adding more interest in the play. This episode is all about husband-hunting for Shahrukh ki Saaliyaan, as Shahrukh and Anoushe in order to get married first, they have to first marry off their sisters!

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Shahrukh and Anoushe are trying hard to hook up Glucose with Mickey as Glucose has expressed his feelings for Mickey to them, but Mickey is a tough girl to impress. The way Glucose is trying to win Mickey’s heart looks so funny and cute. He tries to run with her in the park and then Halwadar Saab also gives him a tough time. While on the other hand, Mickey is still unaware about Glucose’s feelings for her.


Shahrukh and Anoushe are also under lots of pressure, as Shahrukh’s mother calls him to tell that his own family is creating lots of fuss about his marriage and if he fails to get married he will get into bigger trouble! for failing to do so, he has to select a girl from his own family and the major problem is that there is a great ongoing tussle between his phuphu and Taya as they both want him to marry their daughters. Shahrukh puts his salian’s photos on a matrimonial website and gets hilarious kind of responses. Another comic scene shows up when Anoushe’s boss finds Nigaar on that site and he fell for her.


Mickey also puts her own pictures, but Mickey loves Jimmy and wants to marry him but he is marrying somewhere else, they promise that they will marry at the same date. Shahrukh and Anoushey tries hard to help her out and it brings a sequence of comic events. They literally abduct the bridegroom from a marriage hall who comes with them mistaking Mickey for some Cutie but then after seeing Mickey, he says that she is not her Cutie.


There was another funny scene, when that always busy Qazi wants to perform Nikaah at any cost asks Glucose to sit with Mickey and he is about to start the Nikaah but Mickey refuses and walked away breaking Glucose’s feelings and that Qazi has not given up yet he tries to convince Nigaar. Well Mickey’s lover Jimmy finally got married to someone and Mickey is sad. Shahrukh and Anoushe again failed to marry off any of their sisters.

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