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ShahRukh ki Saliyan Episode-19 Review: Mickey’s nikkah gets cancelled

ShahRukh Ki Saliyan one of our favorite romantic comedy serial these days, another episode went onair on Sunday. The play is penned down by none other than the legendary comedy writer Muhammed Younis Butt and the play truly reflects his brilliant sense of humor. Ahsan Khan and Ramsha Khan onscreen chemistry looks so perfect. Shahrukh and Anoushe is trying hard to marry off their sisters so that they can marry themselves but they are continuously failing in accomplishing this mission.

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The episode begins when Mickey’s Nikkah ceremony is about to take place. The same always busy on call Nikkah Khuwaan is ready to start the Nikkah proceedings when he casually places his hand on MD’s shoulder and thar drives him  crazy and he starts beating the poor Molvi so hard that he gets hospitalized but when Shahrukh intervenes and tries to cool down MD he again casually puts his hand on his shoulder and MD slaps him so hard. and after all this Mickey’s Nikkah gets cancelled.


Glucose is the only happiest person when he gets to know that Mickey’s nikkah is cancelled. Now Anoushe and Shahrukh is after Glucose and they wanna hook up Glucose with her. Anoushe and Shahrukh are super worried about their marriage as they are continuously failing in marrying off their sisters. Nigaar is still meeting Sir Abbas without knowing the fact that he is actually after her. It seems that Nigaar is enjoying his company. She repeatedly asks him that for whose proposal he came at their house but he says that he will WhatsApp the pic of the person to her.


One of the most comic character of the play, the office girl Komal who always makes us laugh, is after Shahrukh. And she trying her best to gain his attention. It seems so funny when she by trick calls him at Abbas sir office when he is actually in a meeting and tries to spend some time with him, making Shahrukh super uncomfortable. Her cute expressions and Gujarati accent makes her one of our most favorite character of this play.


Anoushe and Shahrukh once again takes Glucose to the park where Mickey comes for jogging and insists him to confess his true feelings in front of Mickey, while Shahrukh makes sure that he keeps connected through blue tooth. Glucose tries hard to express his feelings for her in his innocent way and tells that he is willing to do whatever she will ask. And then Mickey asks him to slap the police officer! Desperate Shahrukh bribes the officer and asks him to let himself get slapped by his friend. Glucose slaps the   officer in return he hits him too. And after watching this Mickey’s heart starts melting for Glucose.

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