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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode-21 Review: Hawaldar Sahab is haunting Shahrukh in his dreams

ShahRukh Ki Saliyan is a roller coaster laughter ride that is full of amazing punch lines and one-liners which reflects the veteran humorous writer Dr. Muhammad Younnis Butt’s great sense of humour. Ahsan Khan and Ramsha Khan onscreen couple look simply awesome and we really enjoy characters like Hawaldar Sahab, Abbas Boss, Komal, and Glucose.

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The episode begins when Shahrukh is having a sweet dream of his wedding night where he, in a very romantic way is going to lift the bride’s veil but then he gets a shock when he finds Hawaldar Sahab in place of Anoushe haunting him like a hell! He is now desperate to marry off his Saaliyaan as soon as possible so he can easily marry Anoushe, he is regretting the fact that why Anoushe is the youngest sister.


The office girl Komal and Sir Abbas scenes are really very hilarious, particularly the one in which Abbas sir seeks advice from Komal, Komal gives a great piece of advice which actually worked for Abbas Sir. Then there is a scene when Abbas sir is in a very heartbroken state of mind and all the channels he switches are broadcasting sad songs than all of sudden out of nowhere Nigaar’s message comes and he is like dancing in his office and all the channels start broadcasting happy songs.


Komal the office girl has a die-hard crush on Shahrukh and it is so hilarious the way she used to refer him Tum humari family may sub say zaheen ho. The way she is keeping an eye on Anoushe and Shahrukh and then calls her mother to do some kind of magic on Shahrukh from Amil Baba looks so funny. Then she tries to confess her feelings to Shahrukh that she wants him to bring his proposal on which Shahrukh says that she has never seen her from that point of view, on which Komal makes such a hue and cry.


Mickey and Glucose’s Nikkah is fixed but then Glucose has to tell his mother about it, it also brings some really hilarious chain of events. He calls and tells his mother that he has chosen a girl himself to get marry on which his mother is upset on top of that he sends Shahrukh’s pic instead of Mickey on which she gets fainted. Then she says that she is coming and then she will decide whether she likes Mickey or not. MD on the other hand is planning to kidnap the bridegroom he tells his goons to kidnap Glucose but they take away the dummy mistakenly.

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