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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode-23 Review: ShahRukh is not being selfish this time

One of our most favorite comedy plays in the running ShahRukh Ki Saliyan, with it’s quality comedy and interesting characters on airs its another episode. Penned down by Veteran comedy writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt, the play is full of interesting and hilarious characters be it Halwadar Sahab, Abbas sir, Office girl Komal we enjoy these characters very much, they are comic but they still appear relatable and believable.

Mickey and Glucose’s chapter seems to be closed as Glucose’s mother takes him with her and she is not ready to listen to anything about Mickey and Glucose’s marriage nor she is telling Glucose the reason why she has canceled wedding with Mickey and what Hawaldaar Sahab has done with her. Poor Glucose at least deserves to know the actual reason why his mother has refused to let him marry Mickey.


Well, Shahrukh brings another proposal of some lady Baji Naik Parveen with his three sons, well it is one of the most hilarious scenes where Baji Naik Parveen introduces herself and his three brothers. She introduces them with three different surnames and casts. She seems very suspicious and she is a typical harlot. Shahrukh goes to visit her to tell that Hawaldar Sahab has agreed for all of his three daughters, but there she inquires about girls passports which makes her even more suspicious in front of Shahrukh and on top of that she takes a call of an Inspector in Shahrukh’s presence and starts flirting with him.


Abbas Sir asks indirectly from Anoushe and Shahrukh that what will a boy needs to do to win a heart of a girl and what if that a middle-aged man is in love with a girl in his office. Anoushe advises him to look younger he should dye his hair and dress up like a younger man. Abbas Sir gets convinced with upon hearing that and he changes his getup and looks very handsome and young,  even Nigaar has not recognized him. He introduces himself as Abbas’s nephew. Abbas Sir feels like he has kind of lost his identity when Police constable has not recognized him and issues him Challan ticket before that he is recognized by the public as a known journalist.


This time Shahrukh is not acting selfish, he is seriously concerned about his sisters. She shares his concern with Anoushe and they plan to make a surprise visit at their place and to take Hawaldar sahab with them. Butterfly when she gets the news about their sudden arrival she starts making arrangements and takes hours to open the door but when Shahrukh bangs the door they saw some suspicious couples rushing out of the house. Hawaldar Sahab gets that something is really fishy then they smell an odd smell at the place but Butterfly tries her best to cover up the situation.

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