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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode 25 Review: Mustaan and Nigaar’s Nikkah is fixed

One of our most favorite comedies, ShahRukh Ki Saliyan penned down by veteran comedy writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt. It is one best of the best quality comedy in the running, with interesting characters and amazing punch lines. A few of the most hilarious characters of this play are Sir Abbas, Komal, and Glucose. The episode is all about Sir Abbas cum Mustaan and Nigaar’s Nikkah’s date fixing.

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The episode begins when Anoushe and Shahrukh are wondering about their possibility of marriage and are planning for her sister’s marriage. Shahrukh makes Anoushe call Abubakar but he is inviting them to his own marriage. Shahrukh calls Glucose but he is getting tight slaps on his face by his mother and she is making him select the girl and she tells him to inform Shahrukh on the call. They were again feeling disappointed when Katie comes up with an idea to meet Dildaar.

Katie and all her sisters visit Dildaar Fabric Shop, Dildaar is really happy to find Katie, he reminds them that he has visited their house for her proposal. Katie says some really sweet and romantic stuff to him, which makes him so happy that he offers free stuff to all the girls. Well here both the girl and the boy like each other but the only hurdle is his mother, she is so manipulative and has already rejected Katie.

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Mickey tells Sir Abbas that he needs to bring Mustaan’s proposal. He thinks that he can manage his double role in his own house so he calls Halwadaar Sahab and girls at his house. There he alters the roles and girls are wondering why Mustaan and Sir Abbas are not coming together. Anyways among such confusion, Sir Abbas cum Mustan’s nikkah date with Nigaar has been fixed and Hawaldaar Sahab seems very impressed by Sir Abbas’s big and luxurious Bungalow.

Sir Abbas is more than happy about fixing his nikah date and all the people in the office are wondering what happened to him? Komal is celebrating her birthday in the office and Abbas sir comes everyone stops partying and leaves the place. Komal calls Abbas sir, Sir dard not knowing that he is standing behind her. Komal gets terrified to see him but Sir Abbas in his jolly mood wishes her birthday and asks her to bring him the cake. After a while, he comes back with Komal’s birthday gift, a mobile phone! making all wondering that what has gotten into Sir Abbas! The way Komal winks at Shahrukh is so hilarious!

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