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Shahrukh Ki Saliyan Episode-30 Review: Glucose is back!

The best comedy serial in the running, Shahrukh Ki Saliyan has on aired its next episode. The comedy serial is penned down by Veteran humor writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt, the play is full of witty punch lines, hilarious situations and very interesting and relatable characters, particularly the character portrayals of Abbas Sir, Komal and Dildar’s mother are done with such mastery that they are interesting and also are character which we can relate with our real lives.

Sir Abbas has not yet confess his reality to Nigaar, Khatoon Baji is continuously insisting him to do that, she even tries it in front of Nigaar and Anoushe but Sir Abbas covers it. Sir Abbas is trying to pressurize Shahrukh and Anoushe to convince them for Mustaan and also that they should make sure that there is no chance for Abdullah on which Anoushe says that Abdullah is like their brother. The hilarious part is when Anoushe tries to show Sir Abbas the ladies she has selected for him and on that Sir Abbas shows his anger.


Glucose is back! and Shahrukh is very happy to see him. He is wondering how come his mother has allowed him to come here or has he sneaked out of the house without his permission? Glucose tells him that he himself is quite surprised by his mother’s attitude, she herself has allowed him to go to Karachi by saying that his future is in Karachi. It seems like his mother has fully forgiven Hawaldaar Sahab and now she is also ready to accept Mickey!


Mickey clearly tells MD that there is no chance for him and she is returning his engagement ring to him, Glucose, Nigaar, Anoushe and Shahrukh are watching all this but when Mickey sees Glucose she gets so angry she calls MD back and asks him to put the ring on her finger just because she wants to hurt Glucose. Glucose is so hurt and he knows that Mickey is angry he wants to apologize and for that, he has prepared a speech but poor Glucose mistakenly says that speech in front of Hawaldaar Sahab who whole heartily forgives him and also allows him to live in their house.


Dildaar’s mother is not ready to accept Katie in any way. She has decided that she will be going to fix Dildaar’s wedding soon with Pinky Shehzaadi. Her character is portrayed with such mastery that it makes us wonder that we have seen this lady somewhere in our life. Shahrukh and Anoushe plan to give fake poison bottles to Dildaar so that he can create a drama of doing suicide in front of her mother but mistakenly Shahrukh puts the real poisonous pills back in the poison bottle which Nigaar has already exchanged with sleeping pills!

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