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Shahrukh Ki Saliyan Last Episode Review: Finally all get happily married

Nigaar says no at her Nikaah

Shahrukh Ki Saliyan Last Episode ReviewIn this episode Finally all get happily married - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

One of our favorite comedy serials running on Geo Entertainment has finally come to its end. Penned down by veteran humor writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt. The last episode was quite a filmy kind, with a lot of happenings, where finally Shahrukh and his Saaliyaan get married.

Mickey returns along with Glucose and lies that her foot got injured and Glucose was helping her out. They all believed it and MD creates a lot of emotional drama of feeling guilty on this matter. Well, the big day has finally arrived and all are busy talking with their loved ones in the Salon but Md is super angry that Mickey is not picking her call he throws his mobile and smashes it on the floor. Abubakar tells Anoushe that he will be leaving for the US soon and he won’t be attending the wedding. Anoushe wishes him best of luck but she is happy that now Nigaar will not get double-minded at her wedding.


Nigaar is asking Mustaan about Sir Abbas but he is again making excuses on stage but this time Baji Khatoon tells Nigaar that it is Abbas himself who actually playing the role of Mustaan. Nigaar is extremely furious that she is being fooled all the time and she says that she has lots of respect for Abbas Sir but she cannot marry him. He simply walks out of her wedding in search of Abdullah.


Nigaar rushes to the airport to find Abdullah but she is told that flight has taken off an hour ago. Well in real Abubakar calls Anoushe to congratulate her and there she tells him that Nigaar has said no on her nikkah and she has called off her wedding. Abubakar is extremely happy to know that. Well what a lovely coincidence that they both get in accidentally into the same taxi and then they see each other and Nigaar confesses her love to him.


Well in the marriage hall there is a lot of chaos created by Shahrukh’s Taya and phupoo as they have brought with themselves their daughters dressed as brides for Shahrukh to marry which Anoushe shoos away by pointing her father’s gun. Mickey says no on her nikaah as well and Mickey and Glusoce get hitched. All goes well which ends well. Finally,  the dream of Shahrukh marrying Anoushe and then marrying off all his Saaliyaan come true.

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