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Sila-e-Mohabbat Review: Rabab Hashim and Noor Hassan give a stellar performance in this weeks episodes

Sila-e-Mohabbat continues to provide audiences with drama and emotion along with a beautiful story of relationships and selflessness. The show has struck a chord with critics and fans alike who are praising the story and the production value of the show and its ability to tackle so many themes so perfectly.

This week, Tabrez (Noor Hassan) continues to make an effort to make things right between him and Alizay (Rabab Hashim) but it is to no avail because she has filed for divorce.

Shehreena is sick and falls off her bed. Alizay (Rabab Hashim) tends to her while Raheel (Ali Safina) is away.

Tabrez’s mother wants him to let go of Alizay (Rabab Hashim) when she doesn’t want to be with him. She says Alizay (Rabab Hashim) wants a divorce because she must be having an affair with another man.

Tabrez’s parents tell him to bring Rania (Momina Iqbal) and Arham home or else they will have to do it their own way.

A woman shows up at Alizay’s place and attacks Shehreena and Rania ((Momina Iqbal). Ahmar arrives at the right time and saves the day. Both of them are rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

Because of another attack on Rania (Momina Iqbal), Tabrez (Noor Hassan) brings her home. As soon as she comes home, Tabrez’s mother takes Arham away from Rania (Momina Iqbal). Later, she convinces her to marry Tabrez (Noor Hassan) so Arham can have a father. Tabrez (Noor Hassan) assures Rania (Momina Iqbal) he will never leave her and Arham alone and will always take care of them. Rania (Momina Iqbal) then asks Tabrez (Noor Hassan) to take her to the police station so she can identify Aliya, Alizay’s mother’s killers.

Rabab Hashim’s Alizay goes through so many troubles in the show but she stands tall and strong while facing them. There is so much honesty in her performance. The same goes for Noor Hassan who’s Tabrez is the voice of reason and easily the best character on the show.

Will Rania (Momina Iqbal) identify the killers? Will Tabrez’s father be punished for his crimes? Will Alizay (Rabab Hashim) and Tabrez (Noor Hassan) end up together? To find out, keep watching Sila-e-Mohabbat on weekdays at 8 pm on HumTV.

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