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Sila e Mohabbat took an astonishing turn in this week’s episodes

HUM TV has done it again with ‘Sila e Mohabat’ that aired a few weeks ago and has already had the audience hooked to the core. It shows a love triangle that also entails family politics, second marriage, and themes of prejudice It curtains love, hates, and revenge all in a unique and distinctive light to give a meaningful message to the audience. It was with the Birth of Arham, Raniay’s baby that everything changed for Tabriz and Alizeh started to make space for herself in his heart.

This week’s episodes start off with Tabriz being upset over being unable to express his feelings towards his wife. Shortly after, Raniya goes into labor and gives birth to a baby boy. Sharina finds out she can never conceive a baby ever again, this meeting with the doctor leaves her in utter distress. Raniya expresses her distress over Alizeh’s effort to please her and take care of her baby. Raniya and Tabrez indulge in a deep and meaningful conversion in an effort to bring her back to life. She shows up for breakfast and decides to take responsibility for her own child. Raniya becomes hysterical and loses it, Alizeh comes to Arhams rescue to keep him from crying.

The mother-in-law seems to get rid of Alizeh as soon as possible as she thinks she’s going to come between Tabrez and Raniya, a marriage that they are plotting to keep the property into their own hands. Tabrez takes Alizeh out for dinner to which the inlaws become furious along with that, Ahmer also sees them there which breaks his heart. A few guests come to visit which fuels and triggers Raniya’s old wounds and she snaps. Akbar comes in and harasses Alizeh to which she slaps him, she is going through a series of mistreatments in that house but her suffering only seems to draw her and Tabriz closer. Towards the end of this week’s episodes, we see more mistreatments towards her with a painful phone call by Akbar that she shuts off. We also see a serious feud between Sharina and Raheel when she disrespects her own mother-in-law.

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The audience is craving for more episodes of this latest drama serial. The entire cast has given a stellar performance, giving their all and doing justice to their individual characters People are over the edge of their seats to get to know more about the interesting stories of each of the characters, how the narratives will unfold into a meaningful storyline.

For more reviews, keep watching this space, and don’t forget to watch Sila-e-Mohabbat every week daily on Hum TV.


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