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Sinf e Aahan Episode-11 Review: Girls pen down inspirational letters to their families

Punishments at PMA are simply hilarious

Sinf e Ahan Episode 11 ReviewSinf e Ahan Episode 11 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

ARY Digital drama serial Sinf e Aahan is one refreshing watch for which we wait for the whole week. The ensemble cast has put in their best and they amaze us with their best performances. In the previous episode, we saw girls charged with the spirit of patriotism by hearing the concept of our National Anthem. In this episode the spirit is still high and they all pen down inspirational letters to their families.

Major Samia asks all the girls to write a letter to one of their family members. The girls are quite excited about the letter. The first letter we hear is penned down by LC Mahajabeen. Well, I wonder how come Mahajabeen knows how to write in such flawless Urdu being an Isloo burger we do not expect her to write a letter in Urdu to her parents.

Mahajabeen’s letter to her parents addressing her father is the most inspirational one among all the girls. She has drawn a comparison of her lifestyle in PMA with her actual lifestyle and she raised a very valid question who is better? the one who spends all their life earning money or the one who even sacrifices their life? This comparison is actually a commentary on the military lifestyle and lifestyle of civilians and suggests it to be superior and noble.

Shaista Khanzada’s letter to her Dadi is super cute, she tells in her letter how PMA has tamed her the way she wants her to be. She has also sent her a pic of her in Uniform. Dadi’s happiness is very much evident from her face she is not showing her picture to others so that the picture does not spoil. PMA punishments are hilarious, especially the ones Major Osama is recalling from his PMA days especially that of saluting the tree. Nathmy Perera can understand and speak Urdu is discovered by LC Rabia how cleverly she has figured it out speaks volumes about her smartness.

Rabia’s attitude has changed a lot, she has become friendlier with Shaista but she has not melted for Mahajabeen and so is the case with Mahajabeen.  She is not ready to listen to anything about Rabia. One wonders actually what are their grievances? LC Rabia pens down a letter to her most beloved brother Captain Daniyal. Rabia tells him how PMA has changed her life for good and how she loves to see everyone filled and charged with the spirit of patriotism. We are inquisitive to know the complete back story of Rabia and Mahajbeen’s tussle why do they hate each other?

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