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Sinf e Aahan Ep-19 Review: Will Pariwesh be able to defeat Sardar’s son in shooting competition?

Major Osama teaches Nauraiz a lesson he won't forget

Sinf e Aahan Ep-19 ReviewSinf e Aahan Ep-19 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sinf e Aahan the ISPR Production airing on ARY Digital is the best and most refreshing serial in the running, amongst the regressive and toxic drama serials Sinf e Aahan is a real treat for which we wait for the whole week. Performances are top-notch. In the previous episode, LC Shaista shines out in the test. This episode ends up on a suspense note will Pariwesh be able to defeat Sardar’s son in the shooting competition?

The episode begins with LC Rabia and LC Mahajabeen’s scene where Rabia has not accepted Mahajabeen’s apology she says that she will not forgive and forget what she has done to her. Then we have seen Arzoo mustering the courage to face Major Samia and she tells her that she wants to leave PMA as she does not want to disgrace PMA.

Major Samia shares the whole situation with Major Osama who assures Arzoo that she has PMA’s back now and there is always a solution. Well, Arzoo very smartly calls Nauraiz to PMA, and there she traps him and demands him her pictures from his mobile. Nauraiz displays his ugly self and tries to threaten her but then Major Osama intervenes and he teaches him a lesson that he will not forget.

The Firing competition takes place between LCs in which Pariwesh shines out and then there is a grand shooting competition between men and lady cadets. For that competition, there is a lot of pressure on LCs as no LC has ever defeated men cadets in that competition. LC Arzoo, LC Rabia, LC Pariwesh, and LC Shaista have been shortlisted. LC Pariwesh impressed everyone at the shooting and she is the only girl cadet who gets selected for the final shooting competition. The important thing is that Sardar’s son is also competing and he is considered the best among the men cadets.

All eyes and hopes of LCs are with Pariwesh, she has to win to make herself the first lady cadet ever to win this competition. Pariwesh is really very conscious of the fact that she has to win at any cost-plus she knows that it is very difficult to beat the men cadets, particularly Sardar’s son. Sardar’s son on the other hand seems extremely confident that no one can beat him in this competition. We are rooting for our lady cadet Pariwesh and want her to win. The question is will Pariwesh be able to defeat Sardar’s son in this shooting competition?

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