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Sinf e Aahan Episode-20 Review: Pariwesh defeats Sardar’s son

Shaista decides to keep her engagement with Kamil

Sinf e Aahan Episode-20 ReviewSinf e Aahan Episode-20 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sinf e Aahan the ISPR production airing at ARY Digital is down with 20th episodes and it’s as refreshing and feel-good as ever. The ensemble cast has given their best performances. In the previous episode, we have seen Pariwesh outshining in the shooting competition and then getting short-listed for the final competition where GCs are also competing. In this episode, Pariwesh defeats GC Sabuk son of Sardar in the final round.

The episode begins with Pariwesh and GC Sabuk’s competition, they are competing with each other in the final shooting round and both have given their best. The competition is going really tough but then the platoon commanders suggested switching their weapons. GC Sabuk and Pariwesh’s weapon gets swapped and then in the end Pariwesh shines out winning the competition.

Pariwesh is the First Lady Cadet ever to beat any GC in the shooting competition. The best part that is feel good about this episode is that GC Sabuk who appears to be quite overconfident and arrogant accepts his defeat like a gentleman acknowledging the fact that Pariwesh is the best shooter saying that he is sad over his defeat but happy that a daughter of Balouchistan has won the competition. I wish Pariwesh would have corrected him by saying that she is now the daughter of Pakistan.

Sardar’s son is a true gentleman the way he convinces his father on accepting the fact that Pariwesh is a better shooter than him is great. We are hoping and rooting for Sabuk and Pariwesh as a couple. The way Sardar goes to Pariwesh’s house and praises her on her victory is again having that feel-good factor it’s great to see Sardar shown in a positive light. Sardar hands back the land papers to her and also gifts her a gun. I was expecting a word of gratitude from Pariwesh’s side but she has not uttered Thank you so very rude and unlikely for a lady cadet.

Another feel-good factor about this episode is Shaista not breaking her engagement. Shaista is impressed when she hears that Kamil is opening a high school for girls in their village. She has realized that he is a gem. Later she gets to know that Kamil himself has broken the engagement and he is suggesting to her a suitable proposal too. Shaista on her way back to PMA tells Kamil that she has never said that he is too good for her. She was mad because no one asks her consent and now how can he break this engagement without asking her opinion? She says that she wants to marry him. I really like the way this play breaks the so-called social standards where a piece of degree judges a man’s intelligence and his character. Overall enjoyed the episode!

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