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Sinf e Aahan Episode-21 Review: Arzoo rescues Nathmy Perera

Nathmy Perera finally meets her Mujahid Uncle

Sinf e Aahan Episode-21 ReviewSinf e Aahan Episode-21 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sinf e Aahan the ISPR Production airing at ARY Digital continues to be strong and now with episodes down, we get a hint of LCs passing out ceremony too which means that this play is going to conclude soon. In the previous episode, we have seen that Pariwesh beats Sardar’s son in the final shooting competition becoming the first LC to beat a GC in a shooting competition. This episode is a thrilling one as well in which LC Arzoo rescues LC Nathmy Perara.

LCs have taken a task for their real-time training where they have been given real battlefield scenarios and they have to work in pairs. They have to work as a team in the wilderness as companies, battalions, and platoons. There were refreshing scenes of Shaista and Lc Sidra trying to cook something and LC Mahajabeen asking them all the time ” Khana time per mil jayega na?”

There are many cute scenes of LC Sidra in this episode where she has amused the audiences with her innocence and cuteness. All girls get camouflaged by the makeup expert LC Mahajabeen. Lady cadets are all set for their training. We have seen the famous scene of LC Rabia and Sidra where Rabia is asking ” Dushman nazar araha hay” and she replies ” Thora Thora”, we have also seen the timid Rabia being brave and killing a snake!

Lady Cadets on their way back misses the Srilankan cadet in the wilderness, she is partnered with LC Arzoo and they are supposed to be in pairs but Arzoo mistook the situation by thinking that she might have reached earlier. Major Samia snubs Arzoo for her negligence and warns her that if God forbid anything bad happened with Nathmy she will have to face the consequences. All LCs go in search of Nathmy in the dark. Nathmy has actually fallen into a deep ditch and she gets badly injured.

The previous episode of Sinf e Aahan was feel-good sort of but this is more thrilling. The scene where Nathmy is lying bleeding hearing her name but could not respond then a snake crawling towards her is such a bone-chilling scene. LC Arzoo very bravely rescues Nathmy out of the ditch with the help of other cadets. Nathmy is saved and in the hospital, Major Osama introduces her to his uncle Mujahid (her father’s best friend) who has lost his legs in an army operation, he is the father of a sergeant. Well, it is also hinted that the play going to conclude soon as LCs passing out ceremony is nigh making us sad as we are really enjoying this refreshing serial.

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