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Sinf-e-Aahan Episode-7 Review: This episode solely belongs to Kubra Khan!

PMA training begins with a bang! But will girls be able to survive it?

Sinf-e-Aahan Episode-7 ReviewSinf-e-Aahan Episode-7 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sinf e Aahan the ARY Digital’s mega drama serial, an ISPR production is giving us Alpha Bravo Charlie feels. Performances by the ensemble cast are simply impeccable. In the previous episode, we have seen all the girls making their way to PMA Kakul. In this episode, training begins in PMA with a bang! Poor Mahajabeen is having a really hard time. This episode solely belongs to Kubra Khan!

This episode of Sinf e Aahan is once again full of delightful and refreshing moments. Parents showing concerns about their girls are the cutest scenes. We have not seen much of Major Osama in this episode except a scene where he is comforting Jamal that Pariwash will have a smooth training session here at PMA.

The way PMA staff is giving confirmations to parents sounds hilarious. Mahjabeen’s parents are getting assurance that her daughter will get variety in her breakfast and ample amount of time for sleep. Shaista’s father is also being ensured that there will not be any hardship for lady cadets. Syeda Sidra’s parents are as simple as her they are trying to confirm that their daughter will get a variety of baking items in PMA and the funny part is that they got the assurance in a very serious manner.

The training at PMA begins with a bang! Mahjabeen is the one who has started facing all the objections. First of all, she is asked to cut off her luggage in half. Then the way she is calling her parents for the third time is too much. Osman Peerzada’s expression each time on getting a call from her daughter is simply hilarious. Poor Mahajabeen has to give up all her makeup and stuff and not just that she also gives back her car to her parents. Well, who brings a car to PMA?

The swapping of Shaista and Pariwash to Rabia and Mahjabeen’s rooms looks interesting although we are still not fully aware of the reason behind Rabia and Mahjabeen’s hatred. Shaista trying to copy Rabia looks so cute. Syeda Sidra’s overconfidence is also addressed by the commander poor girl has lit her room with decorating fairy lights, she was asked to remove them immediately. However, no one has faced much hardship than Mahjabeen poor soul is made to dye her hair black. Kubra Khan has given a brilliant performance here, this episode truly belongs to her.

Will girls be able to survive such strict training? It seems that Mahjabeen and Shaista already have enough.

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