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Sinf e Aahan Ep-8 Review: Its made clear to Mahajabeen, if she quits army she will forever be called a loser

PMA is giving a tough time to all the girls as the actual training begins

Sinf e Aahan Ep-8 ReviewSinf e Aahan Ep-8 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sinf e Aahan the refreshing serial by ISPR is a delightful weekend watch at ARY Digital. Power-packed performances by the ensemble cast add up to the quality of the poetry. In the previous episode, we have seen how PMA welcomes the girl with a bang. In this episode, we have seen that PMA is giving a tough time to all the girls as the training begins. Performances are on point.

Mahjabeen Mastaan has made up her mind that she will quit PMA and she shares her plan with Aya jee. Aya tells Major Samia and she calls Mahajabeen. Major Samia asks her what she has told Aya jee. Mahajabeen says that she wants to leave PMA on which Major Samia questions her that then why she has wasted the precious time of the Pakistan Army?

Major Samia herself is a motivational and inspirational figure, she is an iron lady for whom her duty comes first. She does not care about having her meals, during her tough schedule she manages to take time for her ailing son. Major Samia in real is a serving officer which has made Pakistan Army under the UN’s blue helmet for a peacekeeping mission. Major Samia tells Mahajabeen that choice is hers and if she quits she will forever be called a loser.

Training has fully begun under the supervision of Major Osama and Major Samia. The training sessions are full of refreshing moments. Rabia and Pariwash get punished for their selfishness. They are told that in PMA they have to work as a unit. Syeda Sidra begins the day with Talawat and then Mahjabeen is asked to sing National Anthem and to our surprise, Mahajabeen does not know our very own National Anthem! Major Osama snubs her for not knowing the anthem he tells her that it is like losing one’s own identity. Major Osama instructs Major Samia to make sure each and every cadet not only learns but also understands the concept of our National Anthem.

One of the funniest scenes is when the girls are given the dining training session and they are told that cadets will eat in between when seniors will eat, the senior has to begin and end the dining session. The girl starts putting food after their senior has begun eating and while they are filling their food the senior said Alhumdulillah which is a sign that this dining session has ended. None of the girls have eaten anything.


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