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Sinf e Ahaan Episode-3 Review: Challenges are tough for the girls to achieve their dream

ISPR Productions Sinf e Ahaan airing at ARY Digital is three-episode down and we are already in love with this inspirational Prime Time Watch. In the previous episode, after watching how the girls made their way to apply for Pakistan Army, in the latest we get to see how the girls are being tested for psychological and physical exercises at the Gujranwala Garrison.

The episode begins when Kamil is taking Shaista to Gujranwala all the way from Waziristan on the bus. Their chemistry looks super cute. Kamil is a very inspirational character where he is going out of the way to support his fiance despite knowing that her own family is against her decision of joining the Army. Every girl deserves such a supporting man in her life.

Mahajabeen the spoiled brat took the whole makeup stash with her to the academy. One of the most beautiful scenes is where Arzoo and Pariwash’s fathers are both simultaneously waving goodbye to their daughters. It is true that behind every successful woman there is always unconditional support of either a father or a husband. Rabia is also on her way to Gujranwala Garrison she is expecting to excel in these tests as well like she used to top in her university.

Well, we have been introduced to a new character Syeda Sidra portrayed by the famous Pawri girl Dananeer. She is playing a simple, religious superstitious girl with a Lahori accent well this is the kind of accent we were expecting of Arzoo’s but she seems too polished for this character. Sidra’s friendship with Arzoo being a Christian seems quite an interesting dynamic. Well, there is one objection I have with this play is that there is no representation of women shown from Karachi or Sindh in the play, at least one cadet girl should have belonged to Karachi.

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Rabia and Mahajabeen’s tussle’s history is not much convincing up till now. It should have been more convincing if they have shown that it was due to some academic competition as Rabia is shown to be a topper and Mahajabeen is also kind of a perfectionist but the back story told is still not making this hatred convincing. It seems that Rabia and Mahajabeen’s hatred will create divisions amongst the cadets. There is already a sort of team Rabia which has Pariwesh and then there is team Mahajabeen which has Sahaista in it. We simply cherish all Shaista’s scenes, her Pashto accent sounds super cute. Well, let’s see will these girls make their way to Kakul Military Academy or not?

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Rameeza Nasim

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