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Siwaiyaan Eid Telefilm Review: Sonya and Yasir have nailed their characters in this Comedy Thriller

This Eid offers lots of colorful Eid shows and comedy telefilms, ARY Digital has also come up with exciting Eid telefilms and Siwaiyaan is one of them which can be placed in the Comedy thriller genre. Gladly, it’s not like other run-of-the-mill comedy telefilms. The telefilm has subtle messaging about marital relationships and what are the necessary things which keep a marriage working. Siwaiyaan features super gorgeous Sonya Hassyn and Yasir Hussain in the leading cast. The other cast includes Nayyer Ejaz, Saife Hassan, Zeba Shahnaz, and others. It aired on the second day of Eid.

Siwaiyaan is unlike other Masala eid telefilms it is unconventional in terms of its treatment as an Eid Telefilm. The story revolves around a couple who are planning to divorce this eid but the following sequence of unfortunate events leads toward their union. The sequence of events is termed ” Masoom Ghaltiyaan” of Neelo (Sonya) by Ahsan (Yasir). The start of the telefilm is a bit on a serious note for once it was making us wonder if we are really watching an Eid telefilm? There is not much laughter but still, the situation and characters are adding so much comic value.

As far as performances are concerned, it is one of Yasir’s best performances. He is initially giving that monotonous and boring feeling. Sonya is gorgeous as ever and she has nailed her character so well. Nayyar Ijaz got less to perform but he has made his presence felt. Saife Hassan’s screen presence is good as ever. It is so good to see legendary Zeba Shehnaaz after so long in a character she is playing the blind Dadi.

The telefilm ends on a happy note when Neelo realizes that she should give Ahsan and their marriage another chance but then all of a sudden announcing planning a baby is quite a stretch they were about to announce their divorce. There are a few annoying scenes that are borderline level gruesome especially the scene showing body cutting. Well, nothing much happen that Masoom Ghaltiyaan (Which were accidental murders which fortunately turn into a failure) leads to Siwainyaan the happy moments where the whole family is rejoicing and particularly the couple reconciling but wait we are wondering where is Rani? and what she will going to do with them? Enjoyable Comedy thriller with subtle messaging.


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