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Suno Chanda Episode 7: Jia leaves her Valima ceremony in the middle

Sunno Chanda 2 is what we call quality entertainment  rarely found these days on our TV Channels. This is a serial which will definitely glue in front of the screens while it takes you on a roller coaster fun ride. The Punjabi touch with Shahana, Jia and Arsal fights and little DJ’s witty remarks all makes this serial a worth watching show.

Till now we’ve seen Jiya and Arsal being married after finally falling for each other. But things aren’t well from the very next day. Jiya and Arsal have adjustment problems but they fall back together after fights, just because they’re new in love.

So what has happened ever since Jiya and Arsal’s reception has been scheduled?

Well initially Jiya is not ready to go on her Valima with Arsal and she creates a lot of hue and cry. When Shahana arrives she starts crying complaining about Arsal, Shahana as usual takes Jia’s side and snubs Arsal in front of all and later she makes him say sorry to Jiya. Poor Arsal nonchalantly says sorry to Jiya but even then she accompanies her mother in law to the ceremony.


Well there  are three couples at the Valima, Kinza and Sherry, and Billo and Jojee’s Nikkah takes place at the event too.  But the stars of the show, Jiya and Arsal still cannot stand each other sitting together on the stage.


Among all the hustle and bustle of the reception, Jiya only thinks about checking her email as she awaits a confirmation from her UK university. She checks her mail on the stage and on getting a confirmation mail from the university she shouts and jumps like a kid. When everyone inquires about the good news, no one pays any importance to what she shares and Bee jee just asks them all to  get ready for Kinza and Sherry’s nikkah.


Jiya being a stubborn girl leaves her own Valima event in the middle and goes with Mitho and DJ back home, leaving Arsal and rest of the family worried. Jiya is really serious about this matter and she seems hurt. She cries her heart out. Whether it is for not being appreciated for scoring an admission in a university in London or whether she’s worried about leaving Arsal behind or not, is what we want to see more in the drama.

What will become of Jiya and Arsal’s relationship if she is to go to UK? Will Arsal accompany her or will the two just flee the scene and the drama revolve around newer characters? We’ll have to wait and watch to find out.

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