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Surkh Chandani Episodes 3 and 4 Review: Ayda survives the acid attack

Surkh Chandani, the drama serial in which the story revolves around an acid victim girl Ayda her struggles, how she survived the acid attack, and how bravely and strongly she is facing this trauma. Surkh Chandani is very intelligently highlights this very sensitive issue of acid attacks.  Sohai Ali Abro and Khalid Usman Butt both have given brilliant performances their respective roles.

Ayda is all dolled up for her wedding, looking very pretty, as she stepped out of the parlor, Jawad is waiting for her. He has covered his face with a  veil but,  Shumaila bhabi has seen him waiting at the end of the lane and it has made her bit nervous little as she knows that her golden bangles will cost Ayda a lot.

As soon as Ayda steps out of the salon to sit in the car, Jawad throws acid on to her face and runs away on the bike, leaving the poor bride crying and shouting in pain. Shumaila is simply shocked to see this! Never in her mind she has the slightest idea that Jawad going to do this with Ayda.


Shumaila is terrified! Poor Ayda is in great pain and in a terrible state and she is shouting and groaning from pain. Amaan and her khala are always with her from the beginning. Amaan is supporting her in all this. Initially, her condition is critical but then she is a bit better and she is behaving very courageously and bravely. The first thing she demands is to see her own face in the mirror, it is such a heartbreaking scene when she sees herself with the damaged face in the mirror.


Amaan thoroughly supports her,  when Ayda tells him that she now is not eligible for him and he does not deserve her but Amaan ensures her that she is his only love as their souls are connected and their love is much greater than these tangible realities.

Well, Amaan and his mother’s reaction is shown as an ideal reaction anyone should do in such condition but in real life, the reality is ugly no one accepts a girl with such distorted face in their life.


Jawad is not stopping at this, he has some other deadly plans. He wants to ruin Ayda completely, he is so heartless that he is enjoying Ayda’s miseries and pain. He shamelessly admits to his friend that he is enjoying Ayda’s miseries and pain as revenge and for him, she is no more acceptable to him anymore.

Jawad offers more attractive gifts and perks to Shumaila to team him up in plans against Ayda one of which is slandering her in the whole neighborhood. Well, it seems too weird that a normal girl like Shumaila gets blinded by Jawad’s expensive gifts and offers and she becomes so heartless that she starts planning against her without even feeling any sympathy for the burnt girl.

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