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Surkh Chandni Episodes 1 & 2 Review: Foreboding!

Will Ayda have to suffer because she said no to Jawad


Apart from entertaining, there is a huge responsibility on TV Channels for raising important societal issues and to create awareness. And when it comes to this, ARY Digital just know how to do this job right. Time and again the channel has come up with a drama that dares to defy stereotypes and awaken the society to one grave matter or another. Last year it was Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Meri Guriya and this year, its the Sohai Ali Abro and Osman Khalid Butt starrer Surkh Chandni.

Writter by Khaani famed writer Asma Nabeel, the story will depict the life and survival of an acid attack victim and we’re sure, with her knack of writing, Asma Nabeel will definitely strike a chord with the masses and bring attention to the plight of hundreds of women who suffer at the hands of brutal attackers in our society.

Surkh Chandni’s story revolves around a girl Ayda who is initially being snatched with her right of getting education just because her brother cannot afford the expenses. She works like a maid in her own house, but she never complains and tries her best to keep everyone happy. However, her bitter brother and sister in law always come up with a taunt and arguments. Ayda’s cousin Amman loves her truly but he himself is jobless so they are reluctant to ask for her hand in marriage.


Ayda’s neighbor Jawad, a loafer and characterless guy is eyeing  Ayda too. He every now and then tries to impress Ayda with his cheap tactics but Ayda only despises him. Jawad is so cunning that he tries to trap Ayda through her Bhabi, he tries to cash Shumaila’s greed by offering her expensive gifts and moreover promises her  gold bangles. He visits Ayda’s place for her proposal with his mother and coincidentally Amman and his mother too arrives on the spot.


Amman’s mother asks her hand too and Jawad and his family goes out of the house. Ayda’s family although they are poor and having a hard time but they are not greedy like Shumaila nor they get impressed with Jawad’s money. In fact Ayda’s parents acknowledge Amman’s decency and they agree to his proposal despite knowing the fact that he is jobless and despite of Ayda’s brother and sister in law’s opposition. They have planned that they will marry her off soon in a simple way as Amman’s mother has asked. Well Jawad is not ready to take this insult and he is not over with the refusal.


Jawad like a thief enters right into Ayda’s bedroom taking advantage of having no one in the house, Ayda shouts and runs out of the house and whole neighborhood see the whole scene, Jawad’s mother sensing the sensitivity of the situation apologizes but Jawad remains the same. Irony is that her brother and sister in law blame Ayda not Jawad. Moreover Jawad cashes more of Shumaila’s greed and asks her to take Ayda to a beauty parlor so that he can have a chance to talk with her despite knowing how cheap and dangerous Jawad can be Shumaila agrees on it as her eyes is blinded with the shine of that gold bangles Jawad has gifted her in advance. Jawad is planning something really lethal.

Asad Siddiqui as Jawad has been brilliant and so have been Sohai and Osman Khalid Butt. For now, we’re sensing something dangerous plotting in Jawad’s mind and since we all know what’s going to become of Ayda, we still cannot wait to watch how she’ll fight out of the struggle and if Amman will stay by her side even then.

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