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Tabeer 3rd Episode Review: Heartwrenching!

Yasir's death has turned Tabeer's world upside down!

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We’ve been stunned with the latest episodes of Tabeer. Yasir’s death has turned Tabeer’s world upside down and there is no consoling her. But what will happen now? We’re trying to look into the story, not missing the episodes even for a second,  because we’re feeling Tabeer’s pain, reflecting from her face, her demeanor.

The episode begins when Tabeer opens the gate and neighborhood ladies come to console her and breaking all her bangles . The heartbreaking scene of Yasir’s funeral reflects another side of our hypocritical society. Fawad too, is in presence. He has been really upset after hearing the news of Yasir’s death and is even more disturbed to see the grieving Tabeer.

The highlight of the episode had to be Ali Safina, who is perhaps a cousin of Yasir’s. However, he has his fiesty eyes set upon Tabeer and his intentions aren’t safe. He is now dwindling Fawad, getting money out of him.

The money that Fawad gives Ali Safina’s character for Yasir’s death is distributed amongst his own first and then reaches Tabeer. Ali Safina doesn’t have good intentions. The way he is esctatic over Yasir’s death isn’t giving us any good news so far.

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We are also introduced to another character in this week’s episode. It seems, she has faced rejection in her life on hands of Fawad. Fawad’s wife Zarnish calls her from the hospital and they talk in a reserve manner. Zarnish asks her to meet her. The girl is reluctant at first but after learning that  Zarnish  is fighting cancer and is hospitalized, she agrees to meet her the next day.

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This week’s episode was high on emotions. Iqra Aziz’s Tabeer is brilliant. You can feel the pain from the girl’s face. Also Ali Safina. The man is finally showcasing his versatility as an actor in his brilliant portrayal of his character. Shehzad Sheikh seems to be maturing one drama after another. Imran Ashraf’s script moves you to tears the way the story is progressing. Also it seems Ahson Talish’s direction polishes his actors to give natural performances. He did a remarkable job with Alif Allah aur Insan and now with Tabeer, we’re hooked to each one of its characters, thanks to the brilliance of the director here.

Tabeer Episode 1 Review: Brilliant Execution!


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