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Tabeer Episode 11 Review: The Pain Is Real!

Even though Tabeer brings along a string of never ending tragedies, we just cannot get enough of this drama. Another one of our favorites, Tabeer, has been keeping us hooked since the first episode. And yes, despite the tragedies that have befallen Tabeer, we believe there will be something good for her there.

Imran Ashraf has written an engaging story and Ahsan Talish has lent his creative vision to this tale of tragedies. Where it could have become boring to the point of death, powerful performances by Iqra Aziz, Ali Safina and Shehzad Sheikh, make Tabeer an engaging drama and a must watch on our list.

This week’s episode shows how Tabeer is now devastated after the death of her child. The pain, that we never would wish upon an enemy, has been portrayed so well by Iqra Aziz that it actually brought tear to our eyes. Iqra has nailed Tabeer’s pain and her hysteria. Without speaking much, the girl was able to convince the audience of her hurt by clutching her dead child to herself.

The scenes where Tabeer sees Yasir’s vision and how he convinces her to give away her child were simply beautiful. Iqra Aziz emerged as a clear winner with her expressions and dialogue delivery. Hats off to Imran Ashraf for writing such pain in such simple terms. You feel the depth of the story, the weight of Tabeer’s hurt and yet you don’t have the heart to avert your eyes, because everything comes off perfectly onscreen.


Another actor who deserves praise for Tabeer has to be Ali Safina. This guy has played Ajju so well, you’ll have to hate his guts. From the expressions to his cocky demeanor and now the shivering anxiety of being discovered as the killer, Ali Safina is just amazing as Ajju. You hate Ajju for being who he is, but you’ll have to appreciate Safina for his fine performance.


For now, we have two devastated parents, not only Tabeer but Fawad as well. He is now worried about his own child who can just feed on formula for a little while only. So will Tabeer return and resume feeding Fawad’s child? Will Fawad be able to convince her of this? How many more trials will Tabeer have to face before she finds happiness? To find out, tune in to Tabeer every Tuesday, only on Hum TV.

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