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Tabeer Episode 13 Review: There’s a new story awaiting to be told

Lets see what happens with the new twist in the plot


One tragedy after another, Tabeer has been weaving a web of pain all around us. However, with a fresh new addition to the plot, it seems there might be some interesting development in everybody’s life.

Ajju us now feeling extremely guilty for what he did to Tabeer’s child. His words are not accompanying his actions and it seems he will give himself away, even if he tries his best to hide his heinous sin. Ali Safina deserves to be praised for this exceptional, hateful character. The guy has nailed it completely and you’ll love to hate Ajju for what he is.

Tabeer, on the other hand, seems in the prolonged state of grief and disbelief. Iqra Aziz has done a commendable job and has given her best in this character. Tabeer, after the loss of her own son, is again in a dilemma. The girl is fighting her inner self which says that she should help Fawad’s son but it gets outweighed by the grief of a mother who has lost her only child and husband.


The introduction of Mizna as the new lady who has been appointed to feed Fawad’s son seems like an interesting twist to the plot. Now this lady is very forward, openly promiscuous and does what she does to feed her family of a crippled husband and two children. The lady’s husband, though disabled, is strong, honest  and very wise.


It seems this guy is all set to play a very pivotal role in Fawad’s life in the episodes to come. Although no significant development has occured in the drama so far, Tabeer still has us hooked to its interesting story. Iqra Aziz’s wonderful performance, Aehsun Talish’s direction and of course Imran Ashraf’s brilliant script that speaks of trust, faith in Allah, destiny and so much more, is just amazing and not to be missed at all.

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