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Tabeer Episode 20 Review: Tabeer in Trouble, once again!

Fawad confesses his love toTabeer


Another episode of  the much trended drama serial Tabeer went this week. It was the 20th episode and the story has shown some major developments over the past few weeks. Imran Ashraf has very artfully crafted the plot for Tabeer and director Aehson Talish has lent an equally beautiful vision to this story. Not to forget remarkable performances by Iqra Aziz, Shehzad Sheikh and Ali Safeena which mark the highlight of Tabeer week after week.

Fawad’s love confession to Tabeer, Tabeer’s getting into trouble and khalid’s death were the highlight of this week. So here’s what happened.

The episode begins when Sania visits the painter and he introduces him to his wife which is a painting!  Well it seems that Sania is very impressed by the painter as she thinks his love for his wife is greater and deeper than hers for Fawad. Will this lead to somewhere between the duo? Will Sania find a place for herself in live? Both of them are intense and sensitive people, lets see what life has in store for them.

On the other hand Rafaqat is playing  the most evil yet stupid game, I mean who put his own life and family on stake for his drunkard brother? After Rafaqat threatening to divorce Rabia and then putting the condition of Tabeer and Ajju’s wedding, Rabia should have understood the whole game she should have realize that it is Rafaqat who has plotted all this against her just to make her agree for the wedding. However, for now, Rabia fails to see Rafaqat’s planning and focuses on her own house rather than Tabeer’s happiness.

Then we see Tabeer and Fawad having a romantic candle light dinner where Fawad confesses his love for her, on which Tabeer seems happy. Well again the question arises where is Fawad’s mother he is so openly taking her for outing and his love for Tabeer is so obvious and its rather strange that his mother is not putting up a fight.

This week, the drama also bid farewell to one of my most favorite character, Khalid dies in the end of the episode. It was very heart breaking to see a man who has strong faith in Allah, being shattered, his dreams and confidence all shattered when he sees the shady side of his wife. However, one thing I would really like to mention was Khalid’s selfishness in praying for instant death. How could he not think about his beloved son and left him to a woman he did not want himself to see.

Well Dadi and Rabia calls Tabeer and tell her the whole story and ask her to marry Ajju in return. Strange thing is that Rabia becomes so mean and selfish that despite knowing what kind of person Ajju is, she is not stopping Dadi from all this.

Tabeer is now in real trouble. Watch the next episode to know whether Tabeer agrees to marry  Ajju or not ? What will happen to Fawad and Tabeer’s love story? Will life never get easy for poor Tabeer?


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