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Tabeer Episode 22 Review: Is Tabeer Falling In Love, Again?

There is a new entry in the story


Another episode of our favorite Tabeer aired yesterday. It is one of those few dramas that we keenly watch and review every week, because its just so beautiful that we cannot help but delve deeper into whatever we can do to talk about this beautiful story.

Imran Ashraf has truly displayed great potential as a writer with Tabeer. A drama that talks about firm belief in Allah and how he settles matter, Tabeer is simply beautiful. It teaches about keeping faith, it makes the onlookers aware about Sabr and how everything eventually falls into place, if you place your trust in Allah.

In case of Tabeer, Imran Ashraf as a writer has been blessed with Aehsun Talish as a director who has given birth to his vision as it was supposed to be. And along with brilliant performers, right from Iqra Aziz to Ali Safina, from Azra Mansoor to Shehzad Sheikh, Tabeer is a superb project.

This week’s episode begins when Tabeer’s Dadi is considering Fawad’s proposal.  She is happy but has some reservations, she and Tabeer both are worried that Fawad’s mother won’t approve their wedding. However, Dadi performs istikhara and she is happy with the results and so the duo is nikkah-fied there and then.


On the other side  Muskaan is shown having a very hard time with her kids, she is now without a penny. It is shown that she has repented from her previous life but it seems that hunger and poverty will lead her back to that world of sins. Will she go back to the same sinful life which took her husband’s life or will she seek help from Fawad? The story waits to unfold and her purpose to exist in the plot still needs to be justified.


Seemi Pasha as Fawad’s mother has given her best of performance, the scene where she is saying that I am tired and  then she gets the heart attack is perfectly executed. Well Fawad’s mother fell ill before hearing the news about their nikkah, so it seems that news will be kept away from her for sometime so it will bring more twist and turns in the story.


There is an entry of another character Sheharyar, and then Sheharyar and Tabeer’s meeting. It looks like Sheharyar is taking great interest in Tabeer. He even wants to mention that meeting to his mother. Well here’s a hunch, we feel Tabeer is all set to be intensified because of this new character Sheharyar and his undue interest in Tabeer.

To know where this interesting story leads to, tune in to Tabeer every Tuesday at 8pm only on Hum TV.


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