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Tabeer Episode 23 Review: How long will Tabeer and Fawad be able to hide their relation?

Sheharyar is taking great interest in Tabeer too


Episode #23 of the much popular drama serial Tabeer went on air yesterday and we’re glad for Fawad and Tabeer’s union. The cute, romantic scenes between the duo have brought a breathe of fresh air in the otherwise sad drama. Shehzad Sheikh and Iqra Aziz have delivered beautiful performances, making you believe each and every up and down they go through, together or otherwise.

Imran Ashraf as the writer, has brought his best to the table. Tabeer is a story of firm belief in Allah and his plans for all of us. Giving vision to Ashraf’s story is Aehsun Talish, a director par excellence, one whose creative skills speak for themselves.

The episode begins when Fawad comes back home and Tabeer is feeling shy over his presence. There is a beautiful romantic scene between Fawad and Tabeer, and Iqra Aziz emerges as a winner with her expressions nailing each feeling that runs through Tabeer.


Although Dadi is happy for Tabeer, it seems, her sister Rabia will somehow be sad over Tabeer’s life and perhaps will resort to comparison. But where will this comparison leave to, this is what we will have to see in the coming episodes.

Muskaan’s scenes are missing in this episode except the one with Fawad which was just a reverie, what is going with her struggles of leading a sin free life is what we wait to find out soon.


The painter’s admiration for Sania is very evident now, he keeps her pictures in his phone and zooms them out every now and then. The question arises where will this admiration leads to ? Is it possible that they both will  come together in some kind of relationship?

On the other hand, Fawad’s mother is worried about Fawad’s loneliness and she is resolute that she will soon marry him off and she indirectly makes him agree for that too. Well one realizes how will she react  when she will know about Fawad and Tabeer’s nikkah.


Sheharyar is also taking  great interest in Tabeer and it is now very much evident. The way he recalls his first meeting and insists her to go to hospital with him. What will this whole infatuation lead to ? Will he tell his mother about his interest ? We’re getting a feeling that he will share his admiration for Tabeer with mother and she will not be able to oppose it and there were come a whole new turn in the play. Well just a guess and we might be wrong, watch the next episode to know more, only on Hum TV, every Tuesday at 8pm.


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