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Tabeer Episode 24 Review: Trials are not yet over for Tabeer

Sheharyar has fallen madly in love with Tabeer


The exciting new episode  of Tabeer went on air yesterday and it seems the drama has taken lots of twists and turns. But as per what we saw trials are not yet over for poor Tabeer. Imran Ashraf truly has woven an exciting tale and Aehsun Talish as the director deserves all the praise he can get for helming the plot so well.

As per the recent episode, we now see Fawad’s brother Sheheryar taking avid interest in Tabeer.

In the last episode  Fawad’s mother very artfully made him agree to whatever she would say and now since Fawad has rushed to London on an official trip, she spares no second and goes straight away to Sania’s place, asking her mother for her hand.


On the other hand, Sania is busy in herself. She does not know how to react and how will she handle the advances of the painter she seems to have struck interest of. Fawad’s mother in a haste has made all the arrangements but she has not yet consulted Fawad on the entire matter.


Sheheryar is shown to be head over heels in love with Tabeer. His excessive infatuation towards her is creating problems for Tabeer.  Tabeer is trying to limit herself and this is what is troubling her. How will she put a stop to Sheheryar’s advances? Will Sheheryar’s mother understand his infatuation with Tabeer and what will she make of Tabeer and Fawad’s relation?


Tabeer’s happy bubble was short lived. Right now she is agitated to the core. Sheheryar’s strong inclination towards her, Fawad’s impending engagement and everything else is taking its toll on her. What will be her future? We’re as eager to find out as you are.

Iqra Aziz has become a favorite for sure with her very strong and versatile performances. The girl knows her craft all too well. Shehzad Sheikh again is a good actor, befitting Fawad’s role and expressing his love for Tabeer and his hesitation in front of his mom very well. For now, we’re waiting for the next episode of Tabeer to unfold and find out how she’ll handle her future.


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