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Tabeer episode 4 review: Welcome another tragedy!

Fawad is now suffering what Tabeer has been since Yasir's death

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Tabeer, its a modern age tragedy where there are misfortunes one after another and you’re left wondering if there will be another happy moment in the play. Tabeer started off on a very happy note and it seemed this one was a simple, happy play. But four episodes down, Tabeer has turned around 360 degrees and has become one hardcore, intensely tragic play.

Penned brilliantly by Imran Ashraf and remarkable direction by Ahson Talish, Tabeer spins a web around you, where you will not find a way to escape. Even though the atmosphere is sad, the performances in the drama are so intense, you barely let your eyes leave the screen for a second.

The episode begins  when  Fawad’s mother asks him to come early on the dinning table, She stresses that Fawad should be at home in the evening. Fawad is going to Hyderabad for a business meeting. While he is on his way back his car has a flat tyre. Moreover his phone battery is dying out. He receives a call from the hospital about an emergency and rushes towards Zarnish forgetting everything else.

When he manages to reach the hospital, he receives his birthday surprise, he gets angry but controls his anger and cuts the cake. On the other side his mother is waiting for Fawad at their place, his mother has arranged a birthday party.  Fawad is not receiving the call as his phone battery is dead, so she calls the driver who tells her that Fawad has gone to the hospital. She gets furious. Fawad returns and apologizes and convinces his mother to cut the cake. While they are having the cake, he receives another call from the hospital that his wife is not well, Fawad rushes back ruining the moment with his mom.

On the other hand, Tabeer is left shocked when dadi isn’t well. However, they manage to revive her. Ajju is taking full advantage of Yasir’s death. He not only has his creepy eyes set upon Tabeer but he’s also looting the family by every means.

Tabeer starts getting labor pains in the middle of the night and delivers a baby boy. At the same time, Zarnish goes into labor and dies while giving birth to a baby girl. Fawad is devastated! And that is where the episode ends!

The highlight of Tabeer as yet has to be Iqra Aziz as Tabeer and Ali Safina as Ajju. Ajju is pathetic and Ali Safina’s execution of the character makes you loathe him just too much. Its amazing how this wonderful person can transform himself into a loathsome character so easily. Imran Ashraf has written a beautiful script, but we’re sad, why he’d opt for Yasir’s role, knowing it was just so small.

So until next week, stay tuned to Tabeer, because this drama is absolutely wonderful.

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