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Tere Bin Episode-21 and 22 Review: Story plot shifts to black magic and paranormal activities, the least we expected

Director taking his Prime Time's dream to next level

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Tere Bin after garnering massive popularity worldwide and trending simultaneously as top trends in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh faces a rough patch with its OST and several episodes getting copyright strikes on YouTube by an Indian channel. It seems like the Indian channel cannot digest Tere Bin’s massive success. Tere Bin’s background score has been replaced. However, missing the old background score. In the previous episode, Haya fails to create differences between Murtasim and Meerub. In this episode, we see supernatural forces at work making this serial a complete fantasy genre.

Murtasim forgiving Malik Sahab on Meerub’s advice is yet another heart-winning act by him. Initially, we had reservations that Malik Sahab might harm Murtasim but later we find out that he was a man of principles and he has really forgiven him and ended their lifelong rivalry for his son’s life’s sake but his son still wants revenge. Being a feudal Malik Sahab worrying about his son getting hanged seems absurd when you can simply buy justice.

Amma Begum going to Anwar’s portion and asking him to come back is a heart-touching scene. Amma Begum is not a thorough toxic Mother in law she was just worried for his son which makes sense. Anwar and Murtasim’s conversation is so full of compassion the Chachoo nephew relationship is so endearing and there Murtasim confesses that he loves Meerub to his uncle. Meerub’s foster parents urging her to go back with her to Karachi is simply making no sense.

Well then in episode 22 we see a long dreamy scene of Meerub and Murtasim’s dream world. Meerub is looking absolutely stunning, and dazzling in a saree and Murtasim is all-suited. They are both making a perfect couple, actually, Murtasim has given her dinner in their courtyard ignoring Haya’s invitation to dinner. Haya has tried her best to hamper their romantic date but fails. The dance sequence is where Siraj ul Haq takes his Prime Time dream to the next level but doesn’t 8 pm slot a family drama too?

Haya once again goes to Bengali Baji and there she starts a spell for Meerub. Haya is doing black magic to remove Meerub from her path. Well, this is where the play turns into a fantasy genre as supernatural forces’ presence has been shown. Meerub witnesses a few paranormal activities as soon as Haya begins her procedure. Haya’s conflict is simply unnecessary we do not like the way the play is heading. We do not want to spoil Meerub and Murtasim’s romance.


Rameeza Nasim

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